I have returned! I am back in Key West!

Arrived at 6:30 last night. 57 degrees as I got off the plane. Warm! Better than the 13 degrees when I arrived in Syracuse a few days ago.

Every one up north told me how lucky I was to be there during a heat wave. Temperatures in the 20s. I thought they were crazy! It was really cold! Freezing!

Wednesday I had to be in New York Supreme Court in Syracuse.

I dressed appropriately. Blue suit, light blue shirt, striped tie, long black socks and tie lace black shoes. Had to look like a lawyer. Only the second time in 2 years I have been so dressed. A far cry from shorts, a tee shirt and crocks.

I also needed a coat. Wore a black cashmere one. Gloves. And shoe rubbers. It was cold and sloppy outside.

I had to walk 4 blocks from the parking lot to the Courthouse. Wind! Biting! Tore into my face!

Sloppy wet snow every where. It was fortunate I was wearing rubbers.

I flew back to Key West yesterday. Paradise! No question about it. I missed being here.

The trip took all day. I left Utica for the 50 mile drive to the Syracuse Airport at 7 when it was still dark outside. Flew to La Guardia at 9. Had a 3 hour layover. Then to Charlotte where I had a 1 hour layover. Arrived in Key West at 6:30, just as the sun was setting.

Again the airports were crowded. People every where. And happy! Mostly casual travelers. There was no recession apparent in the airports.

Lisa and family picked me up. Good to see them all. Especially Robert and Ally. The cry of Poppa still resounds in my ears.

My Key West home was cold. I turned the heat on.

Last night was our bocci party at Don’s Place. I changed clothes and hurried over.

A good party, as usual! Every one there.

The food was especially good! Terrific best describes it.

Russ is the chef at the Strip House. It is the place for steak in Key West! Russ also plays bocci with us and hangs out on occasion at Don’s Place as I do.

Russ cooked last night. Tenderloin strips which he sliced. Mashed potatoes and creamed spinach.
The best!

Thank you, Russ.

Then it was home to bed to watch the Alabama/Texas championship game. A tragedy! No athlete should be injured. Especially the quarterback in a national game. It happened early on. The game was no test as to who was the best college football team in the nation. I am sure both teams are unhappy about the out come.

There was no blog yesterday morning because I had computer problems. Sorry.

My radio show the Key West Lou Legal Hour was yesterday. Obviously I could not do it as I was traveling. Konk AM 1680 radio ran a recording of one of my former shows. Next week I will be back. Listen on Konk 1680 AM radio. See and hear on the internet at http://www.konkam.com/.

Enjoy your day!

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