I am still in Utica.

I had lunch yesterday with my father. He is 95 years old. Still in pretty good shape.

My mother passed on many years ago. My father has a friend. She is 30 years younger than him. They have lived together for several years. Her name is Frances.

Frances is a good woman. She cares for my father and cares for him. The relationship is good.

We lunched at my father’s home. Frances cooked. A rich chicken soup and a pepper and egg sandwich. On Italian bread, of course. So good!

My father and Frances both told me Utica was experiencing a hot wave yesterday. The temperature hit 20!

Last night I met my friend Gus for drinks. He had 3 voldka somethings and I 3 diet pepsis.

It was good to see him. Gus is an attorney also. When I was still pacticing law, he and I would meet every day aftrer work for a few pops.

Gus took me home for dinner. His wife Mary was cooking. A cook! A good lady!

I ate big again. A similar soup. Great salad. Delicious beans. And heavenly pork chops. Topped off with coffee and Xmas cookies.

My diet obviously went to hell yesterday. I did not even try.

I am cold. Cold all the time. I cannot wait to return to Key West and its warm 60 degree weather.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. You should have brought a couple Key West Lou T-Shirts to wear today.I am sure it would have made a statement. I will try to talk with you before you leave Utica to return to Paradise.

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