I am in Utica! In the heart of Upstate New Yotk!

Snow! Everywhere! Big time!

Cold! It was 13 degrees when I got off the plane in Syracuse at 12:30 this morning.

All of a sudden, Key West at 60 degrees is burning hot in comparison.

After waiting for my luggage and a 50 mile drive to Utica, I did not get to bed till close to 3.

Pure abuse!

I must admit that the snow is beautiful. White all over. But if I had my druthers, I prefer Key West and no snow ever.

I flew at night. Cheapest tickets. And still over $800! Anything else was $1,000 plus to over $2,000. Yesterday must have still been a holiday return time for travelers.

One stop. A good deal. Normally three. The stop was Charlotte.

I arrived in Charlotte at 10 in the evening. I assumed the airport would be dead. It was not. The whole world was traveling! People all over the place. I was shocked.

Many tans. People returning home. It was the hustle and bustle of a holiday crowd. People alive and happy.

Again I ask, where is the recession? We all know it exits. Are we developing into a have and have not society? I don’t know.

My goals today are twofold. Avoid the cold. And spend the day with my 95 year old father.

Enjoy your day!

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