This is Key West’s cold time! It will be cold all week!

Low 60s by day. Mid 50s by night.

One dresses for the weather. As many clothes as possible. I noticed last night that the tourists were even piling it on. They were doing Duval in the winter jackets/coats they wore on the trip down.

I spent sunday morning in bed. Reading the sunday papers and watching the TV talk shows.

I was over to Don’s Place just after 1. Long pants and a leather jacket.

The crowd at Don’s was thin. Had to be the weather. Those there were dressed warmly.

Cheryl and Roger were sitting at the outside bar enjoying themselves. The cold did not seem to be affecting them.

I did not stay long. Sitting outside in 60 degree weather did nothing for me.

It was over to Lisa’s.

Donna was there.

Donna’s jewelry is featured in Lisa’s internet department store Via Key West. They were going over details and Donna had brought some new jewelry to be offered for sale.

We talked about the wedding from the day before. I told Donna how nice it was. It was. I said Stacey did not look pregnant. Donna said oh she was. Five and a half months. The fluff of the dress hid it.

Robert was not home. He had gone to the movies with a friend. Robert and his friend are only 5 years old. The friend’s mother was with them. A first for Robert!

Ally was with a friend, also. A girl friend her age. 4. They were experiencing a play day together. Lisa had done up their faces with a bit of make up. A little eye shadow and some cheek stuff. They were all excited! Women are the same regardless of age.

I started my evening at the Chart Room. Expected to see Marty. No Marty. It has been almost 2 weeks since I have seen him and about a week he has been back. His wife Donna is here with him for a few days. Even some of the natives at the Chart Room were concerned they had not recently seen Marty.

Marty, where are you?

Che was standing at his usual spot at the end of the bar. Michael bartending.

The three of us ended up having a lengthy gin discussion. For all his years of inbibing, Che was unfamiliar with gin. Michael and I sought to educate him. Che ended up with 2 shots of gin in front of him. Michael’s favorite Bombay Saphinre and my favorite, Beefeaters.

And they were refilled.

Che would sip from one, then the other. And back and forth. He was sampling taste and bouquet. Or so he said.

I left Che still sampling the gins and rendering his expert opinion. One swig after another.

La Trattoria was packed. I thought business would be considerably down since it was Sunday night. No way. Tourists are still jamming the town. Kathy was sweet enough to seat me at the bar after only a short wait. Tables had a one hour wait.

This is one of the best Christmas weeks Key West has had in years. Tourists by the tons.

Where is the recession?

The crowds do not make sense to me. A recovery or a last hurrah?

I have a bad few days ahead of me weather wise. I leave for Upstate New York today. Will return to Key West thursday. Zero tempeatures where I am going. If you think I have been complaining about the cold here the past few weeeks, wait till you read tomorrow’s blog and the 0 degree temperatures!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. "From the horse, himself:" I went to KW for New Years, on New Years Eve day late in the day; had dinner, looked for Lou, couldn't find him. Had dinner next night, looked for Lou and couldn't find him. The cold weather drove me out of KW on Saturday morning and I'm back in Miami for another week because I have some business to conclude here. I'll return next weekend if I don't have to go through a security check on the way down. Have a healthy and prosperous new year for all that read Lou's blog.

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