I went to a wedding yesterday!

Stacey and Rob’s wedding!

The ceremony took place on the beach behind Salute’s. At 2 pm. The sun was shinning. The sky blue. The wind blowing big time off the ocean. Temperature 63 degrees.

A beautiful setting. But cold!

I dressed for the occasion and the weather. Long pants, shirt, sweater and a leather jacket. The jacket was zippered up.

Most of the other guests were similarly dressed. Except for the women. Something about women at a wedding. They always dress the same. No stockings, dresses with bossoms bursting forth and no jacket or sweater. They have to look good!

There were some tourists nearby sunbathing on the beach. In minimal type bathing suits. It’s the blood thickness thing again.

An interesting wedding.

I was invited because of Donna. Mother of the bride. I was her escort.

Donna is part of Donna and Terri. Terri the brilliant star of Finian’s Rainbow on Broadway. Terri had to remain in New York and work.

Donna was dressed for the weather, not the occasion. A pant’s suit. No fool is she!

Stacey and Rob have lived together for several years. One has 2 girls from a previous marriage. The other one daughter from a previous marriage. Together they made one daughter, a 2 year old. And Stacey the bride is with child again!

They decided it was time to make the relationship official. So marriage it was.

Both were extremely happy and joking. Stacey looked lovely. Had to be cold, however. She had a short skirted white dress on. Off the shoulder. Rob was wearing a white linen suit.

They used self created vows. Their teen age daughters wrote them. One daughter stood behind Stacey and another behind Rob whispering the vows to them during the ceremony. The vows were a bit long, but heart warming. The girls understood.

The wedding reception took place at the outside portion of Salute’s afterwards. Stacey is the general manager of Salute’s.

Good food, good booze. Great people.

I got to sit with the family. Donna’s 3 sons and 2 daughters in law. And Donna. One of Donna’s sons has a doctorate in organic chemistry and is into research. Another is a musician. The third a writer. All somewhat successful. All noticably respectful to their mother.

We talked of many things. One was the economy.

One of the sons is in his early 30s. He told me how strange it was. 10 years ago he was out of school and working in New York City. Making more money than he knew he even was worth. Now things are tough. He plays with a band. They take whatever gig they can get. Whether $200 or $2,000 a night. It was like the mighty have fallen. Would it ever get better again was his concern.

Donna of course talked about Terri. She refers to Terri constantly as her wife. Which she is.

Donna shared some bad news. Finian’s Rainbow is closing. Sometime soon. Terri had received an official notice. The show will have run 3 months.

How sad!

Terri is looking for another show or some work in New York. Her credits are big from the recent publicity she has received. Donna says if no work pops up, they will return to Key West. They still have their apartment here and Terri can return to the Keys Piano Bar to sing.

As the world turns. Success can be fleeting. I hope it is not for Terri.

I could say that yesterday was a Key West day. It was not. On reflection it was a day representing today’s society. A marriage with people already living together and already having children, an extended family, a pregnant woman getting married and a gay couple married.

This is today. Values have changed.

I lived today yesterday.

Enjoy your day.

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  1. KWL-

    I recall vividly the weddings you threw for your daughters in KW. Looks like Lisa appreciated your efforts very much!
    Happy New Year to you!

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