Yesterday was day one of the new year! A good day!

The weather was fantastic yesterday morning. Sun shinning. Sky and water blue. Absolutely no breeze. Everything quiet and motionless.

Then came the afternoon!

A rainstorm. Big!

Then all of a sudden, a cold front. The temperature dropped around 15 degrees just like that. From mid 70s to 60! And wind. A cold biting wind coming off the gulf.

The temperature last night was 59. The high today is projected at 63.

Ho ho weather!

I put the quilt back on the bed last night and turned on the heat.

My day yesterday started at Walgreen’s. They had screwed up my prescription. Gave me an old one. A good thing I am a bit anal and generally check things before I use them.

Then to Lisa’s.

During the drive over, I had the windows of the car open. That is how good the weather was.

Lisa had a migrane.

Robert and Ally were playing. Both gave me a Hello Poppa! and kiss.

Corey and I chatted.

I had a selfish reason for visiting yesterday. I had purchased the day before a new cell phone. An AT&T i phone. I could not work it. I read the instructions. I went on the internet and tried to follow the instructions there.

All to no avail.

It is a generational thing. As smart as I think I am and as well educated as I am, I am not mechanically inclined.

All I wanted to learn was how to enter telephone numbers into the phone. I could not do it.

Corey understands these things. In minutes he had it fugured out. Showed me. I learned. Placed 3 numbers in on my own.

Then I left.

I should have stayed longer. I soon discovered that even though I could enter new numbers, I did not know not what to press to initiate a call using those numbers. Even worse, I did not know how simply to make a telephone call directly by just entering the phone number. I could not bring up the numbers page.

Pure frustration!

About 10 o’clock last night, I figured out the direct dial page. I found it! Repeated the process and found it again! Only took 2 days!

I will be visiting Corey again today.

I do feel stupid. However I accepted a long time ago that my mechaincal talents were lacking. As long as there are younger bright people like Corey around, I shall survive!

The Chart Room last night. My first stop. The wind carried me in.

I was thrilled to see Joe and Jean Thornton. They have been back about a week. A granddaughter with them.

Jean and I talked quite a while. Such a nice person.

I met Myrla and Tom for the first time. They are friends of Joe and Jean.

Interesting people. They have found new lives in Key West.

Originally from Arizona, they “retired” and moved here 2 years ago. Tom was into air conditioning in Arizona. In Key West, he is a boat captain and dives for treasure. He is affiliated with the Mel Fisher group.

Tom was wearing a gold chain with a gold coin hanging from the chain. An emerald was embodied in the coin. I asked if he had found the piece diving. No, he said. Only the emerald.

What a great new life he has discovered for himself here in Key West!

Myrla told me they live on White Street. They enjoy sitting on their front porch and watching the world go by.

I was hungry. Day 23 of the diet. I had plateaued for several days at 19 pounds lost. Frustration was building in me. Also all of a sudden I desired a meal. Real food. I needed to eat!

I went to La Trattoria. The place was packed. Erin told me their were 6 people ahead of me waiting for a seat at the bar. So La Trat was not for me last night.

I figured it would be difficult to get an immediate seat any where. The town was still packed for the holiday.

Where to go? I decided to go to Outbacks. I rarely go. It is not part of old town Key West. It is located in new town in the Sears Shopping Center.

Tourists rarely go to Outbacks. Only locals. So I figured I could get a seat.

I did. There were several open at the bar.

What a meal! Yes, I cheated but still basically stayed within my diet. The diet permits one meal a day of 500 calories. Big deal! If beef, 5 ounces is permitted. There was a 6 ounce sirloin on the menu. Came with a sweet baked potato and steamed vegetables.

I enjoyed! Ate all the steak. Took the butter off the sweet potato and ate it all. Should not have, but it was so good. And had 2 slices of zucchini and a small piece of broccoli.

I enjoyed every morsel! Ate slow and relished it all!

There was a gentleman sitting next to me at the bar. When I finished, he commented that I looked like I enjoyed my meal. I did!

Clem was at Outbacks having dinner at the bar also. I have known Clem for over 15 years. I first met him when he waitered at Salute’s. More recently he has been at the Yacht Club so I see him frequently. The Club was closed last night so he was out enjoying himself.

I stayed at the bar a while enjoying the Florida/Cincinnati bowl game.

Then home to bed. Fixed the quilt on the bed. Turned on the heat. And slept the night away.

Today is wedding day. Donna’s daughter is getting married. I am escorting the mother of the bride to the wedding. It is at 2 pm on the beach. On the Atlantic. The temperature at best will be 63. The cold wind off the ocean 35-45 miles per hour.

I was concerned the other day that I would be too warm wearing long pants and a blazer. Now it is going to be long pants, a sweater and a leather jacket.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hi Lou, after much searching we finally found a place (The Sports Page gets the Big East Network) in Key West to watch the Syracuse game today. Unfortunately, they lost by 10. Hope to see you while we're here. Don & Chris

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