Happy New Year!

A new year. A new beginning. The best to eveyone.

Yesterday was a quiet one for me. Intentionally.

I spent a couple of hours running errands during the day.

I needed a new cell phone. Apparently cellphones have a short life. The one I had was 3 years old. All of a sudden I had no screen, was not receiving all my messages, etc.

AT&T said it could not be fixed. So I bought a new one. Cannot live without a cellphone!

The represenative told me he could transfer all my phone numbers from the old phone to the new. Good luck! The process did not work for me. Two people spent 45 minutes trying to do it to no avail. Whatever had screwed up my old phone, had wiped out the numbers.

So I am starting fresh. I know no one’s telephone number. Help me! E mail your home and cell numbers so I may load my new phone.

I spent a part of the afternoon at Lisa’s. Both Robert and Ally each had a friend visiting to play from school. Boys are boys. The girls were cute. Ally was in all her glory.

I did a quiet New Years last night. I stayed home. Alone. There were places I could have gone, people I could have been with. My mood however was to stay in. I made a light dinner and was in bed by 9. Fell asleep. Woke at 11. Figured I would stay awake till Midnight and watch the ball fall on Times Square. No way. The next time I woke it was 5 am.

The weather was spectacular yesterday. Close to 80.

This morning is good, also. Sun is up. No clouds. And no breeeze! Not even a slight one. Everything is still. Motionless. Even the water.

Enjoy this first day of the new year. May God bless you and yours during the entire year.

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