I walked big time yesterday morning.

Duval Street was mobbed. People everywhere. Happy and festive.

The walking is part of my good health kick. This is day 61 of no alcohol and cigarettes. It is also day 19 of my diet. 18 pounds so far.

What a good boy am I!

The weather was minimally ok yesterday. High around 70. But last night it was crazy! Dropped to 58!

I turned on the heat. Why fight it!

Today’s high will be somewhere in the mid 60s.

When it is cold cold up north, it is cold in Key West. Buffalo to Albany is experiencing low single digit temperatures. There has been a 20-30 mile per hour wind from the north hitting the keys since yesterday morning.

So suffer we must!

It will be cold through Monday, except for Wednesday when a high of 73 is projected.

The walk ended at the Coffee House on Duval. The papers and a bottle of water.

Last night was Kerry McNally evening. We had met a few days earlier at the Hot Tin Roof. He is associated with the CBS Minneapolis television affiliate. He is in Key West producing a documentary. He had invited me to join him for dinner Monday evening.

We met as agreed at the Chart Room.

Michael bartending. Michael is a Marine vet. So too is Kerry. There was a natural bond from the first moment.

The Chart Room was jumping. Captain Peter was there when I arrived. I had not seen him for a while. He had to leave early. The big boat was coming in and he was needed at the dock to handle the ropes and steady the boat. The winds were making the water a bit rough.

I could tell the wind was moving the water in the afternoon. There were white caps in front of my home. Unusual.

Two guys came into the Chart Room from Texas. Kerry and Michael engaged them in a spirited conversation.

Where to eat? Kerry suggested Blue Heaven. I said are you crazy. Blue Heaven is outside. It is cold! I was wearing jeans, a sweater and a leather jacket. Even thusly dressed, I would freeze my ass off.

No way, I said. Michael had overheard the conversation and concurred.

Turns out Kerry had met a young lady. Jen. She had suggested Blue Heaven.

Kerry understood me, however. Where do we eat? Inside, I said. La Trattoria. Telephone Jen and tell her to meet us there.

I telephoned Beecha for 3 seats at the bar at La Trattoria. She said it was the worst night of the year. She was already overbooked through out the restaurant. However she and Kathy would take care of me.

The bar at La Trattoria was packed. In fact, the whole place was. People standing all over.

We had to wait a bit. Not bad. But there were 3 seats for us in due course.

Jen arrived. A nice girl. Late 30s. Thin. Dirty blond. Has been in and out of Key West for years. Has lived here off and on. She has been back since October and may be staying this time.

Jen works at the Key West Island Book Store on Fleming. The store sells used books. Every time she returns, she is rehired.

She also works part time as a yoga instructor. Hot yoga. Apparently there is a difference. She says the hot tends to tire her out more.

We had a good dinner and good conversation. Kerry has completed most of the work for his documentary. He is turned on by Key West. No question. He came, he saw and was conquered! His cry is to return, rent or buy, perhaps work from here.

Kerry and I have beome friends. One of those situations where two people meet and are instantaneous bonded. I am sure we will keep in touch.

I left Kerry and Jen at the bar. It was just after 9. I decided to stop at Lisa’s on the way home. All the lights were out at her house when I arrived. So I drove by and went directly home.

Lisa is working her Key West internet department store Via Key West big time, even though Christmas gift giving has passed. Like the big stores, she is having post Christmas sales. She is pushing the Key West Lou tee shirt. Her biggest seller to date! She is attempting to sell even more!

The Key West Lou tee shirt is on sale for $22, except for the xxx large size. A good deal! Buy one, buy two, buy more! I love seeing people wearing them!www.viakeywest.com/T_shirt_p/viat100a.htm.

Long pants today. Leather jacket, also. Haircut this morning. Lori time!

Enjoy your day!

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