A quiet day yesterday. As Sunday should be. Perhaps a little too quiet.

I had a sense early in the morning that I might be doing a hang around the house day. So I hopped in the car and drove to the gas station at the entrance to Key Haven to buy the Sunday papers. The Key West Citizen and New York Times.

I read the newspapers on and off all morning and into the afternoon.

The weather turned out to be not so cool. And not so warm. Just right. Around the mid 70s.

I spent most of the day sitting outside on the deck overlooking the ocean while reading. And occasionally slept a bit.

Donna telephoned. She will be returning to Key West Friday evening. I may have to pick her up at the airport. Her daughter’s wedding is Saturday. On the beach. I am escorting the mother of the bride.

Watched TV last night.

It did turn out to be a lazy stay at home Sunday. Good occasionally for mind and body.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Lou, You need a quite day at times. Helen and I will be heading off on a 12 day Princess cruise to the Panama Canal and on to Acapulco Mexico. We will be spending or 29th Ann. there. Do you remember the -20 at our wedding in Maine ?

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