Key West’s cold wave continues.

58 degrees during the night. 63 at 7 this morning. High today projected at 71. Borderline.

Tomorrow it warms. It will be 74! Just in time for golf.

I gave in yesterday. I was too cold. I turned the heat on. I rarely use it. Some years not at all. But the cold was getting to me yesterday. No matter how I dressed, I was cold!

People have been writing in response to my complaints. Someone wrote from Florida’s Panhandle to tell me it was 34 up there. Another wrote from Milan, Italy to tell me it was below 0 degrees centigrade. A couple of people wrote from upstate New York where the temperature was in the teens.

The message from all was basically the same. Complain not. You don’t know what cold is!

I spent yesterday morning doing paper work.

Then I was off to the Post Office for Lisa. An exercise in futility. The line was outside the door.

I have become experienced at the waiting time. I have made enough runs for Lisa. It would have been at least 2 hours. No way was I going to stay that long.

I went over to Borders for a while. Continued reading Sarah Palin’s Rogue book. She is absolutely the greatest woman ever or a gigantic fraud in the making. Everything she does is wonderful! From her perspective. She continues to be every woman, every person.

No opinion formulated on her as yet.

Then it was back to the Post Office. The line was even longer. I did not stay.

When I got home, I telephoned Santa Claus. My Santa Claus is Reggie Jenkins. He has been Santa to my grandkids for 3 years.

I had to update Reggie/Santa on what Robert and Ally had been up to. He will personally relate to them Christmas eve when he visits their home and they are sitting on his lap.

Reggie is an interesting man. A prep school and Yale graduate, he ultimately settled here in Key West where he has been successful in several business ventures.

Reggie looks like Santa Claus. For real! White beard, tummy and all!

I dressed for the cold last night. Jeans, shirt and sweater. And a leather jacket. Needed all of it!

Hit the Chart Room first. Chatted with Michael the bartender and some tourists. An interesting couple from Columbus, Ohio were enjoying themselves and complaining not about the cold. They just did other things by day besides sun bathing.

Complaining about the weather is left to locals such as me.

I then headed for La Trattoria.

The streets were crowded. La Trattoria was crowded. There is a holiday crowd in town. My hotel friends tell me they will be full for the long weeked.

Everyone appeared happy and in a festive mood. It is Christmas time!

Kathy was bartending and Beecha hosting. A kiss from Kathy. A hug and kiss from Beecha. Both looked terific in their holiday dress. Kathy wearing a white lace blouse. Beecha attired in a dramatic red and black dress.

I stuck with the diet. I had the mussel appetizer. A bowl of boiled mussels in a light butter sauce. That’s all!

This morning is back to the Post Office for Lisa. I am going at 8:30 when it opens. I hope I will have better luck.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I was glad to hear you finally made it to the post office at the end of the blog. Well, maybe you made it. If not, they probably will go out AFTER Christmas.

  2. lou, we must have crossed path's again last night! we were at virgilio's around 7:30-8. i think we are doing the chart room thur. at least that is what i am hearing right now…. gary and tecia.

  3. Lou,

    Just a suggestion, but can't you just drive up the keys to another post office that isn't so busy?

    A beautiful and relaxing, half hour drive beats standing in line any day.

  4. Middle Florida Keys – Marathon Post Office
    Key Colony Beach..743-2249
    Marathon Shores, MM52.5…..
    Marathon, MM50…..743-5238

    Lower Florida Keys Post Offices
    Big Pine Key, MM 30…872-2531
    Summerland, MM24.5. 745-3391
    Key West, 400 Whitehead St

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