It is cold!!!

63 degrees!!!

I know. It is freezing or low teens up north. But it is that time of the year for you northeners and you are accustomed to it. We are not. It has been low 80s for weeks. We are suffering, yes, suffering, a 20 degree drop in temperature in a matter of days.

However, this too shall pass. Wednesday is projected to be 77.

I spent yesterday morning watching the TV talk shows. Health reform the big issue. Most commentators believe the insurance companies have won. If so, sad. One thing is clear in my mind, however. I am sick of our political leaders. Enough said.

I dressed warmly to go to Don’s place. Or so I thought.

Wore shorts. A sweat shirt on top. Not enough.

Just as I got to Don’s, I ran into Gary and Tecia. They are my friends from Oswego, N.Y. They were leaving Don’s as I arrived. Hope I hook up with them soon this week. Good people. I am glad they are back.

The crowd was sparse at Don’s. I think the cold kept people at home. The smart ones.

I did not stay long. The chill was too much for me.

I was off to Lisa’s.

The grandkids were crazy! Their other grandparents, Corey’s parents, had arrived for the holiday. Gifts galore. Some for now.

The house was in a state of disruption.

I grabbed the Sunday papers and sat in my favorite easy chair. And read them. Ignorring everything that was going on around me.

It worked.

Stayed a couple of hours. Things quieted down. I socialized a while.

Then home.

I decided to stay home. Too cold to go out. The Gardens would be a refrigerator.

I prepared a great diet meal. Three eggs scrambled with 1 cup of mushrooms and 5 green olives thinly sliced. Yes, I am into this diet!

Early to bed. Watched a couple of movies. Enjoyed a good night’s sleep.

It was cold in bed. The wind blasts down on us from the northwest. My home is on open water. The bedroom faces the northwest. The cold comes right through the walls. I was crunched under the quilt all night.

Enjoy your day! Stay warm!

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  1. Louis!!!Do not complain!!!In Milan we have 8 degrees centigrade below zero!!!And in Aosta valley,where I was yesterday to see my little flat,we have from 16 to 23 degrees C below zero!!!
    …but,it is very dry,so you do not aperceive it,at least,until you die…
    ciao, anna

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