Only 2 shopping days left to Christmas!

If ever there was a time to utilize Lisa’s Key West internet department store Via Key West, it is now!

For those who may not have completed their Christmas shopping.

Quick and convenient. A funky fabulous Key West type gift.

And send me to the Post Office again on one of the busiest days of the year!

Speaking of the Post Office, my system proved true yesterday. The Post Office opens at 8:30. I was there. Only 3 persons in line waiting ahead of me. I was in and out. From now on, all deliveries will be at 8:30!

It was early. I was up. What to do?

Over to the Coffee House on Duval. Read the local Citizen and all the New York papers while sipping coffee. Tourists and locals galore. Key West continues to fill up for the holiday season. And everyone in an obvious jolly mood.

I am not the only one was cold and who turned on the heat this past week. Good friend Howard Livingston did also. Howard lives up on Summerland Key. He reported in Facebook that he turned on the “furnace.” A northern term from the past.

Snow. I don’t think the keys have ever seen snow. But they will Christmas day. On Summerland Key. Guaranteed.

Howard entered a national contest. Had to write a letter saying why he should have snow on Christmas day. Over 600 entries. Howard wrote and entered the contest. Sent a picture of him and his 6 year old grandson in with the entry. Said he wanted snow in front of his home located on the open water in Summerland Key.

Howard won!

His prize. Snow Christmas day!

Snow making machines will be on his property. And Howard and family will have a white Christmas!


You can see it happening on the Weather Channel from 8 am to 2 pm Christmas day.

Saw the grandkids in the afternoon. They are getting a work out. Corey’s parents are visiting for the holiday. They play with Roblert and Ally constantly.

I spent most of the afternoon doing some necessary paper work.

I was getting ready to go out for the evening when I noticed My Fair Lady would be on TV shortly. I was pulled between Key West at night and My Fair Lady.

My Fair Lady won! I am getting old.

What a movie! Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison. 1964. Beautiful! Fantastic!

There is a sentimental touch associated with My Fair Lady. It was my first Broadway show.

It was 1960. I had just graduated from law school and was in New York City taking a 6 week cram course for the bar exam. My wife was not with me. We had not seen each other in 4 weeks.
I had one night off in those 4 weeks. We went to class till 10 in the evening.

The night was July 4.

My wife came to visit for that one night. We both saw our first Broadway show. My Fair Lady. And went to bed. We were famished for each other after a 4 week separation.

Our first daughter Beth was born 9 months later.

No radio talk show tomorrow. Christmas eve. KONK 1680 AM radio will be playing music all day.

Golf this morning. The high is projected at 74. Warm weather returning! I will bring a sweatshirt just in case.

Enjoy your day!

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