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Golf yesterday!

I played pretty good. Did not score. But had some great holes and some great shots.

Sunk 2 long putts of about 15-20 feet. Chipped in once from the rough off the green from about 12 feet.

I felt good!

I did not win.I did not lose. Ended up tying with Tom for the winner position. Yankee lost. It was close, however. Yankee only had to pay Tom and I $2 each.

When I lose, it is $20. When I win, $2. I cannot win!

It was fun, however.

Don, David and Larry played also. In another 3 some.

David has 3 weeks off from work so he is taking advantage of the time to play golf. It was good to see you on the golf course, David! Larry returned to golf a few weeks ago after shoulder replacement surgery. He could not play for several months. His mental stimulation was missed at the 19th hole during his absence. I did not realize it till yesterday. Welcome back, Larry!

I had to run some errands after golf.

One was to Mendy’s office for copies of some paperwork. Mendy is a lovely lady. Preppy. Martha’s Vineyard in appearance. Warm. Interesting. She has been partnered with Tonto for many years. What a name for a woman, Tonto. Different. Tonto is just as nice. Tonto works as the outside bartender at La Te Da.

Good people both. I am happy to call them friends.

Then to Walgreens. To pick up some drug prescription renewals.

Walgreens just instituted a new system. You do not have to call in for renewals if the prescription calls for renewals. Just show up on the appointed date and the prescription will be waiting for you.

I hope the new system expedites things. The line is always long and slow at Walgreens. Yet they have a lot of people working behind the drug counter. People hate the wait. I do, also. It does not seem necessary.

The delay was reaching the point where people were talking about it. It happens in a small town! CVS is Walreens competitior. No wait. Some were changing over to CVS. A problem existed and perhaps Walgreen’s became aware. We shall see.

I am back to normal. Diet seems to have locked in. So I am going out in the evening.

Bobby Nesbitt is back at Aqua on Wednesday nights at cocktail time. I have not seen him yet at the Aqua gig. Always good. Primarily locals. Gives me a chance to see many people I have come to like very much.

I got there about 6:30. No Bobby! Some crazy party going on with crazy people in attendance. Mark Watson bartending. Where is Bobby, I asked. Next week, he said. Private party tonight.

I felt bad. I enjoy Bobby Nesbitt. A talent!

I had a 7:30 reservation at Antonia’s. Marty was to meet me for dinner. So I walked over. Figured I would kill the time having a drink. A diet coke.

I had reserved the 2 seats at the end of the bar. The two that give you a full view of the rest of the bar and restaurant.

The Christmas decorations at Antonia’s were absolutely beautiful! Warm! Different! Such beauty! Stop in and take a look. Truly a wonderful and imaginative assemblage of things Christmas.

TK bartending. He was his usual jovial self. Explained how he and other staff did the decorating. What an effort! What a result!

This is a quiet week in Key West. The restaurant was basically empty. The bar full. In fact, some were standing waiting for a seat at the bar. The bar people were dining as well as drinking.

Barbara Grob showed up. Love Barbara. She is owner and operator of the Art Bar. Sells everything artish. Also has a couple of drinking bars at her establishment that sell saki martinis. A differnet type place. Very enjoyable.

Barbara looked outstanding last night. But then again, she looks that way all the time. At least every time I see her. She was dressed for Christmas. A bright red dress, great heels and dynamite black hair.

She hurried over when she saw me and gave me a hug and kiss. We chatted a bit. Then she was off to the other end of the bar to join friends for dinner.

Barbara made it big here in Key West. I remember when she started. A little store on Truman. She sold some art and beads. Did metal geckos herself at the back of the building.

Then she moved to a big store on White Street. Made it big there! Sold the same things, but on a larger scale in a better venue.

Barbara is a marketeer supreme! On White, she designed a tee shirt for women. Black with 2 white words. Art Slut.

A winner! Big time! Still sells them big time! And now for men also!

I am still on the diet. I intend to remain on it. I will. I am into it.

This morning is the end of the first week of the diet. I have lost 11 pounds. Yes, 11 pounds in one week. To be expected from 1,000 calories a day. Interestingly, my doctor told me I would lose 10 pounds the first week. I thought she was exaggerating. Apparently not. She further said I would lose 5 pounds a week thereafer. We shall see.

Eating out is a bit tricky on the diet. I intended to have a double shrimp cocktail last night. Antonia’s had no shrimp cocktail on the menu. I almost left.

I ended up ordering the Mahi Mahi special. It was just enough fish. A few vegetables. The problem was the butter sauce. I picked around it as well as I could. Yes, I enjoyed the meal. And yes, I took in too many calories I fear. But was it good!!!

I am getting sick of the Tiger stories. This morning’s news says his wife is headed to divorce court. Whatever. Leave these two alone to deal with their problem, not ours.

The weather continues to be outstanding. Close to summer weather. Low to mid 80s by day. Low to mid 70s by night. Unusual for this time of year.

However all good things come to an end. A cold front is on its way. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The high is projected in the high 60s. With evening lows in the 50s. It will be cold!

Donna telephoned last night. She was with Terri in Terri’s dressing room in New York. Terri was putting on her make up for her starring role in Finian’s Rainbow.

Donna’s daughter is getting married January 2 here in Key West. Donna will be back for the wedding. Terri cannot return. She has to stay for the show.

Donna asked me to be her escort at the wedding. An honor. Of course. However I first told her I don’t go out with married women. You will recall that she and Terri recently married.

I am honored. I look forward to seeing Donna and escorting the mother of the bride.

Eight days to Christmas. Much shopping yet to be done. Do some of it conveniently and reasonably at Lisa’s internet department store Via Key West.

Enjoy your day!

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