Up early. Still dark outside. Black out the window. That’s the way it is when you live on the ocean.

The radio show is tomorrow. Key West Lou Radio Hour.

I spent yesterday morning getting it together. I will tweak it a bit tomorrow morning before the show.

Interesting things to be discussed during the radio show. On going school district problems, Florida Medicaid trial, Pet Lemon Law, Harris School restoration and for a touch of history, Lincoln the Lawyer. Plus more.

Listen in!

1 pm. KONK 1680 AM radio. The intertnet world wide at www.ustream.tv/channel/konk-am. Remember, you can see as well as hear me at the u stream internet site!

I am trying to develop the radio show into a call in. So call me! 305-294-2769. Ask a question, make a comment, tell me you disagree with me, whatever.

You can also text in a question on the u stream internet site. I keep an eye on the screen to see if there are any questions. I suspect Ms. Mack from Connecticut will be back texting me.

Lisa took the day off from work yesterday. To clean the house. A necessary task. She did a good job. I was impressed! And she also had to Christmas shop for Robert and Ally. Or Santa would not be visiting.

Lisa told me that Terri White’s new CD was out. She and Terri talk. The new CD has been added to Lisa’s internet department store for sale. http://www.viakeywest.com/.

Then to Borders and Sarah Palin. I continue reading her Rogue book. I am at her Governor’s race where she defeats the sitting Governor Murkowsi.

I still have not developed an opinion as to her.

I finally went out last night. Figured I was into the diet and could handle it. Also, I was beginning to go stir crazy from staying in.

The Chart Room was my first stop. I felt like I was returning home after having been away for years.

Marty was there. And Che. And Jean. And Frank. And Michael bartending.

Good time! Good conversation! Especially betwen Che and I.

Then Marty, Jean, Frank and I were off to the Hot Tin Roof for dinner.

Hot Tin Roof was quiet. This is the quiet time in Key West.

We ate at the bar. Valerie bartending. General Manager John with us. A Duke basketball game on TV.

Valerie is wife to Clayton. Clayton is into a new business. Tee shirts. He goes on line Saturday. http://www.dirtydogtees.com/.

I had 4 medium sized shrimp and a small side order of greens. Plus 7 green olives stuffed with pimentos. I stuck to the diet! What a good boy was I!

This is day 51 of no alcohol and smoking. The smoking is still difficult. I desire. No, I crave!

It was good to be out and with people! I had spent 5 or 6 straight evenings staying home adjusting to the diet.

There was an old goodie movie on TV when I returned home. A make you feel good film. Lost Horizon. A 1937 movie starring Ronald Colman. Shangrila!

There was a news report on the internet this morning. About a guy who found an overdue library book his long gone mother had forgotten to return to the library. The book was to have been returned May 10, 1910. Ninety nine years overdue!

The fine was a penny a day. It came to $361.35. It was waived, of course.

It brought to mind when I returned some books late to the Utica Public Library.

It was sometime in the l960s. I was a young lawyer. A Monday night. The Library stayed open late on Mondays.

There was a large semi circle desk in the center of the first floor. Books were checked in and out there.

A little old lady, excuse how I describe her, thin and matronly was in charge. White hair bundled tightly behind her head. Spectacles perched on her nose.

Being monday night, the Library was packed. I waited in line sevral minutes to get to her to make my returns.

The books were overdue. About 3 weeks. In today’s vernacular, she ripped me a new asshole.

Where was my sense of responsibility? Didn’t I know books had to be returned on time? What about others who might want to read them? And on and on. I thought she would never finish.

I was embarassed! Every one could hear her.

I never returned to the library again.

Golf today!

Enjoy your day!

I hope to enjoy mine.

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  1. Having read your blog everyday, from the beginning, the message I was beginning to pick up lately, is that Life in Key West eventually leads to:

    – no drinking
    – eating 1000 calorie packaged meals
    – and crawling in bed in the afternoons and staying there all night.

    Glad to see that you are again beginning to satisfy my daily fix about a life we all dream of in Key West, good drinks, great meals and fun nights.

    One note, a daily drink or two is actually healthy, it's the smoking that does all the harm.

    Most doctors will use the standard line about NO drinking and NO smoking but that is because they can't trust people to moderate their behavior.

    As long as you can keep up the no-smoking, good for you.


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