The weather continues to be spectacular! Almost like summer!

Generally by this time each year, it starts to cool down. Not this year in Key West! We even are getting some humidity each day.

May it continue!

Yesterday was an unusual Sunday for me. I did none of the usual things. But I still had a good time.

The morning blew swiftly by. TV Sunday talk shows.

Then Lisa called. Join us for the Christmas party at the County Jail and the turtle return to the ocean ceremony at Higgs Beach afterwards.

Why not! I would be with the grandkids Robert and Ally. I had never been to the County Jail zoo. Also, the papers had been replete recently with news of the turtle’s return to his ocean home. A different Sunday for me.

The County Jail is located on Stock Island. It is on the other side of the golf course. Next door to the capped landfill.

The inmates have for many years maintained a zoo on the jail grounds. Every one speaks well of the zoo. I just never made it there.

I was impressed!

All kinds of animals. Animals more common to the keys. Little key deer. Like 2-3 feet tall. Some snakes. And others.

Robert thought the little key deer were the best. He was excited. They are common to Little Deer Key a few miles up U.S. 1.

This was a Christmas party at the zoo. No charge for admission. A donation, if you cared.

Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus were there! Both of them!

This blew Ally out. She really is into Santa Claus! She exhibits mild tremors when she sees him.

Of course, both Robert and Ally sat on Santa’s lap.

Then it was off to the ocean. To Higgs Beach in front of Salute Restaurant.

The much proclaimed turtle release.

A few months ago a 150 pound turtle was found in bad shape. A line wrapped tightly around his neck with a hook holding it. The turtle had also ingested several fish hooks. Not good for the inards.

The turtle was captured and taken to the turtle hospital in Marathon. Yes, we have a hospital specifically dedicated to turtles in the keys.

The stomach hooks were removed. The fishing line and hook around the neck removed also. The turtle was nursed back to health.

Yesterday it was time for the turtle to return home. The ocean. He was all better.

The event and location had been announced. About 150 people showed up. Including, Lisa, Corey, the grandkids and me.


We all stood on the beach and watched. And cheered as the turtle swam out! Like a fish takes to water! The only way to describe it.

Corey is into turtles. Part of his natural interest. Part of his job responsibility at the Mel Fisher Museum. The Museum recently opened a turtle museum on the docks.

Corey videoed the event. I attach it here for your viewing.

It is short.

Then we returned to my home. Robert and Ally had something to eat. They pulled out their toys and coloring books. Everything got spread on the living room floor.

They enjoyed. It was a pleasure watching them. Both can print sentences. At 5 and 4. So I was telling them what to write and they did it. When a word came up that was difficult, Lisa would tell them to pronounce it. They did and were able to then spell it out.

They left. I stayed home. All night. It was easier diet wise.

Enjoy your day!

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