I am still on the diet. Starting day 4.

I decided to walk yesterday. Parked the car at Square One. My intent was to walk Duval to the Pier House and back again. Twenty minutes each way.

I had to walk by Square One to get to Duval. There they were! Cheryl and Roger from the night before! It took them 2 weeks to hook up with me and then we run into each other 2 times in 12 hours.

Cheryl and Roger were having breakfast outside on the terrace at Square One. I sat for a bit and chatted with them.

Nice people. Nothing had changed in that regard from the night before.

It was 10 am. They were having breakfasat. Steak and eggs. And potatoes. It killed me! It all looked so good! I hated them!

The diet is Medifast. My doctor recommneded it. So I am not doing anything foolish by being on such a low calorie diet. 1,000 per day.

Medifast says do not exercise for 2 weeks. But I knew better. I always pick up on exercise when I am dieting.

By the time I reached the Pier House, I was exhausted. Just from a slightly fast walk! The walk diminished in intensity the closer I got to the Pier House.

I decided I needed a rest. Stopped at the Pier House beach bar. Read the papers and had a couple of diet cokes.

The rest did not help. The return trip was horrendous! I had to stop and sit inside the door way at Fast Buck Freddies.

Food is fuel. I did not have enough. And was feeling it!

I finally made it back to my car. It was like being lost in the desert and discovering an oasis with water!

I drove to Lisa’s. Collapsed in her easy chair. Spent a couple of hours with her and the family. I was not in the mood to do much talking. The grandkids realized it and ignorred me.

It was lunch time. I had brought my lunch with me. A 3 inch thin candy bar provided by Medifast. 100 calories.

Now mid afternoon. I went home and crawled in bed. And basically stayed there till this morning!

The annual Christmas boat parade was last night. I usuually go and have always been lucky to have been invited on a boat. No one invited me for last night. Fortunately! Because I would not have been able to go.

Jean Thornton e mailed me expressing concern re my 1,000 calorie diet and inviting me to join her and others on the Hot Tin Roof balcony to watch the boat parade. No way, Jose, could I make it!

Alabama’s Mark Ingram won the Heisman. Good for him! Good for Alabama!

Alabama is on a streak. Beat Florida and Tebow last week. Which is probably what it took to push Ingram over the finish line first. And last night almost beat ranked Purdue in basketball. Purdue had to come from 16 points behind to win.

Staying in bed watching TV is not bad. Look at all I know this morning.

Jean Thornton is a proud Alabama graduate. She had a big night last night!

Tiger Woods.

A tragedy?

Personally yes for Tiger and his wife.

Professionally, another story.

I question his decision to take a break from his work to deal with a family problem. That is what golf is to him. His job. Many say that his so doing is good. His values are properly placed.

Judge not lest ye be judged. But where were his values when he was screwing around?

How many could take a break from work to save the family? Few, if any. It just does not work that way. But I guess it does for Tiger who has already earned $1 billion by age 34. No one else could afford to do it.

My perception is that Tiger should have worked it out as every one else would have. By juggling his work and wife at the same time.

Tiger has an obligation to the fans as well as his wife. True, the wife relationship appears initially more important than his golfing career. But on reflection it is the golfing career that makes it possible for him to live as he does and do what he does.

He is a great golfer! The greatest ever! I don’t know if he will continue to be if the marital sabbatical lasts too long. That sharpness that makes him the champion he is erodes without constant attention.

Today is Sunday! My day! I doubt it will be a usual one because of the diet. I will be lucky to make it to Don’s Place.

The diet is tough. But I have finished 3 days on it. This is the start of day 4. The scale says I have lost 6 pounds so far. It makes it worth it!

Enjoy your day!

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