Not bad this morning.

It is early. Around 5. I am writing this blog and listening to Hello Dolly on TV.

What could be better!

I have a distinct recollection of having seen Hello Dolly on Broadway 3 times. With 3 different leads in the starring role. Dolly had a long run and that is how they did it. One was Carol Channing. I cannot remember the other two. Though their faces are clear in my mind, their names are not. Clearly Alzhiemers in the making!

I spent yesterday morning doing paper work. I had let things slide. There was a ton of catching up to do.

I got out for lunch. Hogfish. Had hogfish sliders. So good! And read the newspapers.

Then it was Borders and Sarah Palin’s Rogue book.

I still cannot put my finger on her. I have formulated no conclusions yet. Except that she continues to be every woman, every person. I read of her Mayor’s race and time in Wasilla yesterday. Wasilla had no paved roads. Not even the main ones. Mud. She had the roads paved.

A major accomplishment when you think about it.

On the other hand, can you imagine the once Mayor of a town with unpaved roads as the leader of the free world?

Lisa interrupted me during my book reading with a cell phone call. She had a big day yesterday sales wise. Her Key West internet department store Via Key West is taking hold. The key lime bunt cake and fudge are big items. And Key West Lou t-shirts. Someone bought 3 of the t-shirts in one order yesterday.

I returned home around 4. Worked on this Thursday’s radio show. Stayed with it till just after 6. By that time I felt too tired to go out. Telephoned Marty and told him he had to survive last night without me. Had a sandwich and went to bed.

If you enjoyed last week’s radio show, listen again this week. If you did not like it, listen again and give it a second shot.

Watch if possible on the internet via u stream.

The show’s format will be the same this week as last week’s. I am going to hit on several today legal topics. Tiger Woods is still with us. The American girl who was just sentenced to 26 years in jail by an Italian court. The Key West extended contract with Waste Management. And more.

1 pm on Thursday. Konk 1680 AM radio. Outside Key West proper listen on the internet at The show and all of KONK radio is now u streamed with a video broadcast at By u streaming, you can listen and watch at the same time.

I am trying to develop a call in show. Which means some listeners/watchers must call me with a question, comment, greeting, etc. Call ins to 305-294-2769. Also known as 305-294-CROW.

I finally found out what the CROW stands for. People calling in!

So do it!

If you do not wish to telephone, you can write in a question or comment on the u stream site and I will respond to it.

Still dark outside. Dolly Levi is having dinner and dancing at the something Gardens. And this is the end of today’s blog.

Enjoy your day!

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