There was no need for air conditioning last night. I slept with the balcony doors to my bedroom open. The doors face east.

When I woke this morning, better described as when my eyes opened, I could see orange streaks across the sky through the open doors.


I lunched at the Yacht club yesterday. With Santa Claus! He was at the bar also. Not drinking, of course

Bill Murphy is a memebr of the Yacht Club, also. A big man physically. With an equally big for real beard. He is Santa Claus in every respect, even in regular attire.

I did not know Bill was the one playing Santa these past few years. I picked up on it from his conversation. I complimented him. He is one of the best Santas I have ever seen.

Beside playing Santa, Bill is the proprietor of Fairvilla in downtown Key West. A most successful business.

Mrs. Claus was there also. Bill’s good wife Shari. A nice lady. Very attractive. And their teen age son. I think there is a baby somewhere in addition. A wholesome Key West family.

The Tiger Woods story intrigues me. After lunch I went to the Coffee House on Duval to have a coca mocha and read the New York papers.

Tiger’s story is a sad one. For his family also. What makes it even sadder is that it is a personal one. Between Tiger and his wife. But by the nature of things in today’s society, it is open and page one news.

Is there more marital deception today than in day’s gone by? Or is it that the media does not respect the privacy that was once provided in situations of this nature?

My sense is that women cheat big time also. It seems that women’s rights, the work place and birth control have provided license to the female gender to break marital bonds on occasion. Not all women, but enough. And it must be recognized that although many men cheat, not all do.

If such is the case, why do we only hear about men meandering? Women seem to have a free ride in this regard. What is good for the goose, is good for the gander! Fair is fair! Let it all hang out! Or better, put it back in the closet where it was and make it no one’s business but the husband and wife.

Then I was off to Lisa’s. It was after work for her and she was home. On the couch covered with a blanket and a box of tissues next to her. What Robert first had, and then Ally, Lisa now has. A mother’s plight!

Speaking of Lisa, only 20 days to Christmas. Visit her Key West internet department store for some of your Christmas shopping.

I started the evening at the Chart Room. Quiet. Hooked up with Marty. I am glad he is back. Missed him. He’s good company.

We decided on Marquesa for dinner. It was not to be. The place was crowded and was setting up for a party of 20.

So we headed for La Trattoria. Packed also. But after a brief wait, we were seated in the bar.

By the way, I am still not drinking nor smoking. 39 days today! What a good boy am I!

Marty had a Manhattan in his hand as we moved to our seats. There was a lovely woman seated at the bar. 30ish. Blond. Wearing a short black skirt. A bit of her butt was in evidence. A leopard blouse. And a big black purse hung on the back of her bar stool.

Somehow Marty fell into her…..and spilled his Manhattan all over her! All I could hear as I moved on was the woman saying…..”The purse cost me $500!”

Marty apologized ever so humbly. She calmed down. Marty bought her party a round of drinks and every one was happy.

From where I was sitting, I could see the woman drying herself off. Especially her derriere. I was glad Marty had been so clumsy!

We had a pleasant dinner. With good conversation.

A friend of Marty’s named Paul came by to say hello. He was sitting at the other end of the bar.

When it came time for the bill, the waitress told us Paul had paid. Apparently Marty did Paul a favor and Paul was recognizing the favor by picking up the tab. Good for Marty. Good for me, too. My bill got picked up also. But not right. I did not know Paul nor had I done anything for him. I went to Paul and tried to pay. He would have none of it. A gentleman and a sport.

Tonight is another big time in Key West! The annual Christmas Parade!

The Christmas Parade is Key West at its best!

Small towns seem to do parades better than other communities. They may not have all the big inflated animals or huge floats or big bands. But they do have heart! And it is evidenced here in Key West.

I will be watching the parade with Lisa, Corey and grandkids Robert and Ally from the curb on Truman. The grandkids can catch the candy thrown and be up close when Santa Claus comes by.

There is one other small town parade that sticks in my mind. For many years, we summered in Chatham on Cape Cod. One year we were there for July4th. The best Fourth of July parade ever!

The small towns do do it!

See you at the parade tonight!

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