The Christmas spirit is upon me!

The parade last night did it!

Great parade!

I watched it from the curb on Truman just off White. With Lisa, Corey and the grandkids. It is all about the children! It is all for the children!

There were tons of them. All initially hesitant! Then excited! And when Santa Claus finally appeared at the end of the parade, they went crazy!

Ally was shaking she was so excited! Santa Claus, Santa Claus, Santa Claus…..escaping from her lips.

Robert and Ally did good candy wise. So did all the kids. The floats and parade walkers all handed candy and beads out. Young ones scurrying all over the place to pick up the goodies.

There was a lot of candy and beads.

Ally finally figured it out. She just stood there and kept her goodie bag open. The parade people came to her and filled it!

Robert darted here and there picking things up. He missed little.

I watched with a sucker in my mouth. It was good!

The parade was long. Warm. Very Christmassy. Never boring.

It was Key West!

After the parade, I kissed the family good night and headed to Don’s Place. It was only 8 o’clock. I chatted with Don, David, Jim, the two Michaels and I can’t remember who else.

We talked about the new golf league Don is starting. I am thrilled to be playing. As long as I get my strokes. I will probably get the most since I am the worst player on the island. OK by me. The strokes even things out. Sometimes. There are days when even strokes do not help.

Some of the ladies were running around dressed as elfs. Steph, Nancy and Jules amongst others. From head to toe. Costumed to perfection. Red, green and white. Elf caps. Legs and arms that looked like candy canes. Even big slippers with rounded toes and bells.

Don has a new inside bar maid. Mickey is her name. A beauty!

I left early and headed home. I had missed dinner so I stopped at MacDonalds. Two fish sandwiches and a bag of fries. I consumed the fries on the drive home. Ate the fish sandwiches as soon as I hit the house.

This is day 40. No alcohol or cigarettes.

Sometimes it is not easy. Like last night. I was dying for a cigarette at Don’s Place. Everyone was smoking and drinking. Sin was all around me. I had to get out!

I am still considering a diet. Why not give up food also! Do it all at once!

It is 5 weeks since I stopped smoking. I have gained 10 pounds in that time. It is true what they say about gaining weight when you stop smoking. I also find I am eating a bit more. Food tastes so good! My taste buds are back!

Today is Sunday. A good day. The good day.

The talk shows this morning. Especially Meet the Press and then the Chris Matthews show. Don’s Place for pro football. At some point Lisa’s. I would like to make the Gardens tonight. It has been several weeks since I have been there.

Enjoy your day.

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  1. good evening lou, proud of you so far on your amount of day so far. hope we can discuss this at the chart room soon….. your friends, gary and tecia.

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