Yesterday’s radio show was apparently a success!

So I am told!

I am happy with the result. I felt good doing the show. Great topics. Stimualting. Tiger Woods, the teacher contract, the Destin beach dispute now before the U.S. Supreme Court, health legislation and California insurance companies investing in Iranian industry.

Two telephone call ins and one written one on the internet. Progress! I am trying to stimulate more call ins. Doing good. There have been 4 shows thus far. No call ins for the first two. One for the third. Three in effect for the fourth.

Yesterday was a first for the Key West Lou Legal Hour. Not only was it on KONK 1680 AM radio, but also could be visually seen world wide over the internet.

I continue to be impressed and amazed by what can be accomplished with computers and the internet! We live in a wonderful time in this regard.

After the show, I hurried over to Lucky Day for a late lunch. Cuban toast with tomato and melted cheese. So good! And got to sit quietly and read the newspapers.

Last night was a big deal! Better than the radio show! Santa Claus.

Santa Claus was at the Yacht Club. Robert and Ally, too. And Corey and Lisa.

We had a wonderful time! The excitement! The kids running all over the place! You had to be careful walking because they were playing on the floor all over. Dinner afterwards. A special menu for the kids. Macoroni and cheese, pizza, chicken fingers and grilled cheese sandwiches. Adults had a turkey dinner. The kids were able to eat the turkey dinner also. But with the kiddie food available to them, they had no interest in turkey.

I don’t know what it is, but everyone claims that their this year’s turkey was the best ever! Ours was! And the turkey at the Yacht Club last night was absolutely moist and delicious. A winner!

How is it that everyone’s turkey was the best ever this year? I bet that a year or two from now we are going to find out that the turkeys were injected or fed with something special this year to make them so good. If true, I hope that whatever was done turns out not to be so bad.

Speaking of Santa Claus, there are only 21 days to Christmas. Amazing! This year has moved so fast. The holiday shopping season is upon us. Explore Lisa’s Key West internet department store for gift selections. An easy and fun way to shop. Many reasonably priced items.

Very humid yesterday. Humidity was at 80 per cent at 8 in the morning!

High today projected at 84. Going to be humid again. Perhaps a bit of rain.

Not a bad Key West day in the making.

The TV is full of news about snow being expected today in Houston. Apparently snow is a rarity there. Another example of the screwy weather we have beeen experiencing the past few years. And there is no global warming?

Love Howard Livingston! My friend who became a star!

Howard and his Mile Marker 24 group are playing tonight at Schooner Wharf. See him! He’s worth the visit!

Enjoy your day!

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