My radio show today!

Listen in!

1 pm. KONK 1680 AM radio. You can listen outside Key West on the internet at Telephone in your questions, comments and what have you to 305-294-2769. Also known as 305-294-CROW.

And to SEE and listen, KONK 1680 AM is now u streamed! You can see me doing the show at

The Key West Lou Legal Hour today is a timely one! I am going to talk about this weeks’s issues. Like Tiger Woods, health legislation, the pending U.S. Supreme Court case involving Florida beaches, the Monroe County teacher contract, the Key West/Waste Management contract that never went out to bid, and California insurance companies investing in Iranian oil and Iranian nuclear, energy and banking industries to the tune of $12 biilion.

Pretty good!

And PLEASE…..telephone in with questions and comments. I would like this to be a talk show. I need you to do that!

It is similar to requiring two to tango. It takes two to do a call in talk show. Please, call me!

Yesterday was golf. I could not have played worse. Even topped the ball on occasion.

I was the big loser. Tom the big winner. Played with Tino and Aaron also.

It took us forever to play. Grueling. The snowbirds are back. The course was a bit crowded. A lot of two somes. It took almost 5 hours to play. Coupled with the weather which turned humid, I was wiped out.

I spent most of the afternoon into the early evening putting the finishing touches to today’s radio show. I had intended to have dinner with Marty. Yes, he’s back! About time! He deserted me for a while.

Marty and I sometimes have different tastes. He wanted to start his evening at the Chart Room. I wanted to catch Bobby Nesbitt’s opening Wednesday cocktail gig at Aqua. So we agreed to meet at Antonia’s at 8 for dinner.

It was not to be. I was pooped. I made a sandwich and crashed in bed.

Tonight is big! Santa Claus time!

The Yacht Club is having its annual Christmas party for members’ children. This will be the fourth consecutive year I will be there with grandchildren Robert and Ally. And Lisa and Corey, of course.

Robert at 5 is questioning the validity/existence of Santa. His school buddies are allegedly telling him the truth. Ally still believes.

Always a fun time! I am looking forward to this evening.

Speaking of Christmas, only 22 days left till the big day! It is shopping time. Explore and do some of it at Lisa’s Key West internet department store Via Key West. http://www.viakeywest/. Quick and easy.

Lisa telephoned me last night all excited! She had made her first sale outside the United States. Canada. Toronto to be specific. She had to go into her soft wear program to see if it could handle sales beyond U.S. boundries. It could!

The order was for the Key Lime Bunt Cake. A winner! They are selling big time.

Enjoy your day!

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