The weather is again perfect. 80 by day. Just right by night. No air conditioning required. I sleep with the windows and doors open.

I am up early this morning. Pitch black. With one difference this morning. And it is a beautiful one.

It is 5:30 am. There is a full moon. It is reflecting big time off the water. Bright! A delight!

Big news!

The radio show. Actually the station. KONK 1680 AM.

KONK 1680 AM continues to progress as a radio station. It is only a bit more than 6 months old. Its success is making rapid progress!

KONK started as a local radio show. An AM station. Call ins permitted. Then it progressed to availability over the internet. You could listen outside of Key West proper over the internet at World wide! I know. I have listeners in Europe and Asia.

Now all shows on radio station KONK 1680 AM can be SEEN! Yes, seen!

All the talk shows are made available world wide via a live video broadcast.

Please tune in to both see and hear.

Isn’t modern science wonderful! Thank you Bill Gates and all those who followed you!

And please do not forget tomorrow while listening to my show the Key West Lou Legal Hour at 1 pm that I solicit your call ins. I want to hear from you. Your thoughts. Telephone 305-294-2769. Also known as 305-294-CROW. Chat with me.

Tomorrow’s show will cover this week’s interesting legal happenings. Such as Tiger Woods’ problem.

I was out of the house at noon time to see my internest. Got my swine flu shot. She (yes, my doctor is a female) was delighted by my no drinking and no smoking regimen. When I graduated from high school, we sang Onward Christian Soldiers at graduation. I went to a Catholic high school. I now feel like singing Onward Good Health!

I am entertaining the thought of a diet. I am really geting into this health thing.

I lost 50 pounds in 4 months 3 years ago. Had gained 20 of it back over the past 3 years. Then my health problem, no exercise and now no smoking have added another 10. So I am 30 pounds back.

Not good.

I would like to wait till after Chrsitmas. But that might be another 10 pounds. As I said, I am thinking about it. No mental committment yet.

Lunch was at the Yacht Club . Read the newspapers.

Then to Borders for more of Sarah Palin’s Rogue book. I still do not know what I think of the book or her.

The cupboard was bare again. To Publixs. Spent all of $16. That is why the cupboard is so frequently bare. It’s a game. I try to escape with the smallest grocery bill possible. I am probably a pychiatrist’s dream in this regard.

Visited Lisa. She was home. Because Ally was home. Ally is sick again. A low grade fever. Her brother Robert had one a few days ago. It was inevitable. Ally had to come down with whatever Robert had.

Ally was awake and cranky during the night. So Lisa slept with her. Lisa tells me she thinks she now is coming down with whatever Ally has.

Such is life! Such is family life! Such is motherhood!

Only 23 days to Christmas! Ho Ho is coming! Remember to do some of your Christmas shopping on Lisa’s internet department store Via Key West.

Golf this morning. I can’t wait! Love it!

Enjoy your day!

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