Today is December 1st. How fast the year has moved along!

Only 24 days to Christmas.

I have already arranged for my good friend Santa Claus to visit the grandkids Christmas eve at dinner time. Robert and Ally are convinced he and I are buddies, talk on the telephone and have lunch together occasionally when he is in Key West preparing for Christmas.

I love it!

Speaking of Christmas, Lisa’s internet department store Via Key West is a great place to do some of that Christmas shopping. Easy to do. Many items reasonably priced.

Lisa describes her Key West items as uniquely funky and fabulous. Take a look and decide for yourself. And if you like, purchase an item or two.

The first thing on the agenda yesterday was a visit to one of my doctors. He was proud of me! Day 34 of no booze or cigarettes. I continue to think I am like little Jack Horner…..what a good boy am I!

I have to see another doctor today. My internest. I finally will be able to get a swine flu shot. We, over 65, had to wait. We are the last to receive the protection.

Someone recently mentioned I looked pale. How one does that in Key West, I do not know. I looked in the mirror. Yes, I needed some color!

So I have been driving the past few days with the top down on the convertible. Yesterday I was driving down Duval and past Fast Buck Freddies. There was a woman in front wearing a Key West Lou t-shirt. I was so excited, I almost had an accident! First time I have seen someone other than me wearing one.

With no undue modesty, it looked terrific on her!

I was sorry there was no way to stop and for me to talk with her.

The Key West Lou t-shirt is for sale only on Lisa’s Via Key West internet store.

Last night was Robert’s last soccer game. A big time! The kids were all excited.

I am not sure who won. I never am at these games. However winning and losing is not important. If one of these 5 year olds gets a good kick, that is reason for the kicker and whole team to celebrate. If a goal is scored, the whole team goes crazy. I saw one player run out on the field after a player from the opposing team scored. He was so excited that someone, anyone, had scored!

After the game, trophies were given out to all team members. Many the proud player who slept with his trophy last night.

I spent some time yesterday working on this week’s radio show. Thursday at 1 pm. KONK 1680 AM radio and on the internet at Call ins at 305-294-2769. Also known as 305-294-CROW.

Please listen. And call in with a comment, question or criticism. I am trying to develop the radio show into a full time talk show. Help me.

After soccer, it was the Chart Room. I walked in. There were only 4 people and Michael the bartender. The 4 customers appeared to be tourists.

I said hello to Michael and headed for the popcorn machine. All of a sudden I heard…..he’s Key West Lou!…..from a couple of the guests.

Turns out these vacationers had been looking for me for 4 days. So they said. After chatting with them for a while, I believed them.

The 4 were Tom and Stacey Wiederin and their friends Greg and Barb. All vacationing here from Carmel, Indiana. Tom is a director of human relations for a chain of car washes.

Tom and Stacey have visited Key West several times before. In fact, they were married in Key West a few years ago. The wedding was planned to be on the Sebago boat. It rained heavy the night before and bad weather was reported for the wedding day. Sebago telephoned and said no boat wedding. Where to go? They ended up being married in the lobby of the Pier House before it was remodeled.

Stacy told me her husband Tom reads my blog religiously everyday. He must. He knew everything I wrote about in intimate detail. He knew of Lisa and the grandkids. He even knew of soccer.

Stacey said they had spent their trip this past week visitng the places I mention in the blog. Only those places. They ate at the restaurants I frequent and drank at the bars I mention. All the time looking for Key West Lou.

Good people! Love them!

Yesterday they went out to Hogfish for lunch. First time there. Tom admitted that they were all questioning my judgment as they drove along Stock Island to Hogfish. The derelict mobil homes are not a pretty sight. But they were pleased with Hogfish itself.

They leave today to return to Indiana. I look forward to hooking up with them when they again return.

Indiana people are a special breed. Son in law Corey is from Indiana. So is Jean Thornton. They are solid wholesome people. All alike.

Afterwards I was over to Antonia’s for a light dinner. The bar was packed. Mostly tourists. Only one empty seat available at the end of the bar.

Next to a lovely young lady. Sandra Price.

Sandra is from Boston. Very attractive. 30ish appearing. Admitted to 41 which was hard to believe. She works for Bank of America. A troubleshooter in internal affairs.

Charming and sweet.

Sandra is vacationing on a quickie trip here in Key West for 4 days. Staying at the Hyatt.

I have family living in the Boston area. My daughter Beth and her family. Beth and son in law Mark have had boats over the years. Nice ones. Big ones. They have parked their boats at Lewis Wharf. Sandra knew Lewis Wharf. I mentioned the Sailloft nearby where I have had many a drink and fresh Maine lobster. One of her hangouts.

It was that kind of an evening. Good conversation.

Then home to bed for me. Early. It was before 9 o’clock.

Enjoy your day.

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  1. Lou,
    Nice talking with you for the brief time last night at the Chart Room. It was great to meet the infamous "Key West Lou". I wish continued good health to you and happy holidays to you and your family. Until our next trip to paradise, which hopefully will be soon.

    Tom Wiederin

  2. Mr. P –

    I'm addicted! Better get to my shrink! I've been reading everyday since saying hello a week or so ago and now you're my home page!

    Who's the friend playing santa for your grand kids? Please say it Jeff!

    At the risk of sounding overly nostalgic, I remember when Jeff would play santa claus on Christmas eve for your family. We thought he was the biggest kiss ass. Amazing how things happen, one year he shocked us and offered to come to my house and several others to put on the show for our kids as well. I can remember getting him a bottle of wine as a thank you, and thinking what a jerk I was for thinking he was just looking to make points with you. I learned a couple of things that Christmas. First Jeff spent his Christmas eve doing something he liked. He brought candy and little gifts to like 10 of our houses on Christmas eve for years and years. He continued with our family well after I changed jobs. My kids thought he was the real santa until they were like 12 or 13! I don't know who enjoyed santa more, the adults or the kids?

    These are special memories that I have as a result of knowing you and working for you Mr. P. Christmas was important to you, so important that you made sure your grandchildren had everything, including the best santa in the world!

    I'm so sorry ramble on here, but this blog brings back a lot of fond memories.

    Thank you so much.

    Signed – A hard worker from the era when computers were much bigger, egos were much smaller and the line between wrong and right was clearly posted.

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