Another lovely Key West day in the making!

Sun bright. A soft breeze. Cool.

Yesterday was spectacular weatherwise. Low 80s, yet cool. No humidity. Everyone was commenting on what a terrific day it was.

Lisa telephoned me Saturday night. Be here at 9 tomorrow morning for breakfast.

I was.

Always an experience. The grandkids make it so.

Lisa went all out. Eggs, pancakes, granola, yogurt and raisin bread toast. And bacon. Turkey bacon! Lisa is a health fanatic where food and her family are concerned.

I hung around Lisa’s for a couple of hours doing family things, including playing a bit with Robert and Ally.

Then I was off to the Coffee House to read the Sunday newspapers. The Coffeee House was unusually crowded. Had to be the boaters who were still in town for the finals of the power boat races later in the day.

I did not attend the power boat races yesterday. However I understand they were the best ever! Speeds of upwards of 111 and 116 miles per hour. The helicopters zooming low overhead. Perfect weather. And a perfect sea. Calm.

The power boat races are international in nature. The boats and their crews come from all over the world annually to Key West for this race.

I spent the afternoon at Don’s Place watching the football games. The crowd was a bit less than normal. Perhaps the boat races impacted. I am not sure why.

In any event, Sunday afternoon at Don’s Place is always fun! Good people! Good TV! And good food!

I went to bed early. Around 5. That is early!

I watched the Colts/Patriots game from my bed. What a game! The Colts over the Patriots 35-34. All the action was in the last quarter. Not quite correct. The last quarter was exciting. The last minute thrilling!

A good Sunday!

Enjoy your day today!

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