A quiet day yesterday.

I ran errands. Had lunch at Lisa’s. Ran some more errands.

Spent the balance of the afternoon watching college football games.

Last night early at the Chart Room. Crowded. Mostly tourists.

Marty and I had dinner at the bar at Hot Tin Roof.

Sheila bartending. John managing. John is into college football big time. He was lamenting on the various unexpected losses yesterday.

Sheila shared a Stephanie Kaple story from Friday night.

Steph is a friend. The island shoe girl. She is totally absorbed by shoes. Her income plus goes to purchasing the best in female footwear.

Steph is always in heels. Generally high ones. Even when working. She cares for the homeless.

Friday night Steph was at the bar at Hot Tin Roof. A bunch of tourists were in. One was celebrating her birthday. The birthday girl mentioned that her mother had always served her Lucky Charms on her birthday as a treat.

I am too old to know what Lucky Charms are. They did not exist in my youth.

Sheila and Marty told me Lucky Charms are a cereal. A cereal with tiny marshmellows.

Steph wanted the birthday person to be happy. She rushed over to CVS hoping the drug store might have them.

CVS is 3 blocks from the Hot Tin Roof. Steph hurried over. CVS did have them! She hurried back with a box.

She made good time. The tourist was happy. Steph was happy she was happy.

Only one problem. Steph’s shoes were not made for the 3 block rapid trip each way to and from CVS. Designer shoes are neither hiking shoes nor sneakers.

Steph got a blister! A big one! Her reward for a good deed done.

Actually, knowing Steph the blister made no difference. She would have been pleased to bring a special smile to the birthday girl’s face.

Today is Sunday. My day.

Meet the Press. The Sunday newspapers. Breakfast this morning with Lisa and the family. Pro football this afternoon at Don’s Place. And then tonight probably home early to bed watching TV.

What could be better!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I love that I am your headline! Yes, my big toe has a blister but somewhere a tourists thinks Hot Tin serves mint chocolate chip ice cream and Lucky Charms every night!

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