I slept late this morning. It is already 8 o’clock.

The sun is up. Nary a cloud in the sky. A soft breeze. The water a silvery blue and moving slowly.

A good day in the making! It would appear our minor cold spell is behind us.

Terri White! Terri White! Terri White!

That is the only way to express her!

This week there will be a featured article about her in People magazine. Last week she was on Katie Couric. The week before on the front page of the NY Region section of the New York Times.

Finian’s Rainbow is a hit. Terri’s role in it has been expanded.

All a wow!

Good girl, Terri!

Nancy Pastore is a personality! Stephanie Manaher a gem! The two of them together awesome!

Nancy has run many businesses in Key West. She is the hired hand. The professional. Presently she is general manager at Don’s Place. Previous to that she was general manager at Fastbuck Freddies.

Stephanie has an even bigger job in life. She is married to Don Manaher, an owner of Don’s Place. A job unto itself! In addition to which she is also a school teacher.

Somewhere, somehow Nancy and Steph became aware of the extreme poverty of Ugandans. Uganda is that place in Africa that has suffered much the last 20 years. Genocides, war and now poverty.

There is a program to help the Ugandans. Especially the children. It is called Beads for Life. The impoverished Ugandan women take colorful recycled paper and turn the paper into beautiful beads. Beautiful is the word! I have seen the beads. Dramatic!

The beads are being sold world wide. Good hearted people like Nancy and Steph have a bead party. The proceeds of the sale–all of them–go directly to Uganda. The monies are used to provide food, medicine and school fees to Ugandan children.

The Beads program at the Uganda end is a 27 month one. The program is to make the children independent of the program after 27 months. At that time they are hopefully prepared to care for themselves. Sad, but yet wonderful. That children are independent and on their own at an early age, yet able to care for themselves. Not every one lives as we do in the United States.

Nancy and Steph are having a Bead for Life party this Tuesday, November 17, at 5 pm at Don’s Place. Go, see and buy a few. You will look better for it and you will also feel better that you have participated.

I had an interesting dinner last night with an interesting dinner companion.

Dinner was at a new restaurnat. The Columbia. It is located in Bahama Village. Deep in Bahama Village. It is in the block past Blue Heaven.

Obviously the food is enthnic. Columbian based. As is the decor. The food was fantastic. The mood of the room equally delightful.

My dinner companion was terrific! An interesting person! Maxine Makover.

Maxine has just returned from a month in Los Angeles. She was there assisting her son Travis Fine in making a movie. Travis wrote and directed the film. Maxine is executive producer.

The film is The Space Between.

Maxine advised the filming is complete. They are now at the editing and sound stage. The film should be completed in all respects by year end.

The movie is about 9/11. You will recall all flights in the United States were grounded after the Twin Towers were hit. One of the grounded planes landed in Texas. On board alone was a 10 year old boy. Of obvious Arab extraction. He had to be returned to New York. His father worked in the Twin Towers. A flight attendant was assigned to return him.

The film involves the interaction between the boy and an unhappy flight attendant and the obvious Arab animosity which existed during the return trip.

The star of the movie is Melissa Leo. She plays the flight attendant. Melissa was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress in 2008 for her role in Frozen River.

Hopefully a very successful film in the making. It was interesting dinner conversation listening to Maxine relate her experiences with the making of the film.

May the movie break a leg as Terri White has on Broadway!

After dinner, Maxine and I took a walk along Duval. The speed boats were all lined up. The street closed.

The boats were imposing up close!

Then we headed over to the Keys Piano Bar to conclude the evening. I had not been there in several weeks. My loss. The music and singing were warm and happy. I felt good listening to Mark Watson and the other entertainers.

Personally, I did good! No drinking. And no smoking!

The smoking bothers me. It is a battle.

Enjoy your day!

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