Cold in Key West this morning!

Whenever the weather changs here in the keys, it is dramatic! Even 10 degrees.

I had to wear a sweatshirt while playing bocce last night. The quilt covered me in bed for the first time in months. The temperature dropped to 65 during the evening.

It is not yet 70 this morning. The high today will be 72.

Tomorrow will be cold also. Then we return to the low 80s.

Where this cold front came from, I don’t know. I am aware of the cold weather coming off the Atlantic from the Carolinas northward. Maybe we are getting a small piece of it. Local weather reports do not speak of where this weather is coming from. It is just here.

We shall survive. Actually, it is quite refreshing to have a few days of cold. No one is complaining, including me. Merely sharing.

I did my second radio show yesterday. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. I had a ball! I enjoy doing it.

The issue yestrday was mortgage foreclosures. My guest was Key West attorney Jerry Coleman.
An expert in the area of banking and mortgage foreclosures.

A good show! We explored many things of which I am sure the listening public was unaware. Matters that could affect a homeowner favorably in opposing the bank industry’s onslaught with these foreclosures.

Every one sins in these situations. The banks were wrong in loaning and investing as they did. And were further wrong in not using the billions in stimulus/ TARP dollars received to help bail people out. The American public was wrong in biting off more than they could chew in certain instances when monies were borrowed.

From my perspective, the banks were and are the bigger of the wrongdoers. Together with our political leaders who empowered the banks legislatively by deregulating them.

Whatever, the problem needs to be resolved. In the meantime, the American public needs protection from the banks’ collection activities.

Again, the show seemed to be well received. The e mails and telephone calls have been significant.

Tune in next Thursday at 1 for my next radio show. The topic? I do not know yet. I am still mulling it over. I will let you know as soon as I decide.

Following the show, I opted to be nice to Louis. I went for a manicure.

Then to Publix for some grocery shopping. I still do not have this grocery thing down pat. I never seem to buy enough.

I stopped on the way home to visit with Lisa. She was working hard on her internet department store Via Key West.

We chatted a while. Father/daughter things. Love her!

Last night bocce! I should have stayed home! My team should have stayed home! We were destroyed. Lost all 3 games.

The season is coming to an end. Last night was actually the last evening. Next week is for make up games. We have a match to play. However it makes no difference.

We played well this season. Masterfully.

We had to win 2 out of 3 games last night to make the play offs. The team we were playing had to win all 3 games.

They succeeded. We failed.

The team that beat us was the best I have ever played against. In addition, they were on last night. They could do no wrong. Every time we threw a good shot, they followed it with a better one. They were spectacular!

This is the closest we have come in 5 years to making the playoffs. We are proud of our season.

Maybe next year!

After bocce, it was Don’s Place. We assembled as a defeated team. However we were in total agreement. The team that beat us was the best ever. They could do no wrong. We were better this season. We will get there…..some day!

I am into day 17 of good health. I stopped smoking and drinking 17 days ago. Doctor recommended.

I have not mentioned it earlier. I was not sure if I would make it, could handle it.

I think I am going to make it.

The drinking does not bother me. Except it sometimes is difficult to sit at a bar with friends who have had a few. You’re not in the conversation.

The smoking is another story, however. The craving is there. A hundred times a day. Or so it seems. I always want a cigarette.

I will make it! I have determination.

Enjoy your day where ever you are!

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  1. Mr. P – Your show is like Radio Free Europe here in the occupied territory about to be known as
    P & F . Keep up the great work, we miss you.

  2. Lou, Good work on the smoking & drinking. Old and addictive habits are very difficult to kick. Best wishes!
    Rich of Western Mass.

  3. Keep up the good work on the kicking smoking and drinking. I have been told that keeping chapstick handy is good to replace the motion of smoking. Think of all the extra money you will have for shoes!

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