Yesterday was a normal Sunday. Quiet and unassuming. Relaxing. The way it should be after several days of Fantasy Fest.

I stayed in bed in the morning. Watched Meet the Press. Then a couple of reruns of the Sopranos. My ethnic heritage causes the Sopranos to be compelling.

Then to Don’s Place! What is Sunday without Don’s place for pro football watching!

Most looked hung over. They were hung over! From the parade and partying the night before.

Ergo, it was quieter than normal at Don’s Place.

I never seem to buy enough groceries. The cubboard was bare again. So after Don’s I was off to Publix. And then home to put my goodies away.

This hour change thing had me screwed up. I was hungry and tired. But it was not time for dinner yet. So I took a nap. Solved one of my problems, at least.

Later I was off to Lisa’s for Sunday dinner. Robert and Ally were in costumes again. This time different ones. They had been to the children’s Fantasy Fest party at Bayview Park. Robert was some sort of spaceman. A cool costume. He had an air inflated chest. Ally was a 1950s girl with appropriate attire and black rim glasses.

The grandkids were very tired. The heat of the afternoon at the park and the extra hour had taken their toll. It was a quick bath after dinner and to bed for them.

TV was terrific last night. The World Series and Mad Men!

Glad the Yankees won. A good game. The Yanks came through in the last inning. They deserved to win last night.

It was 10 pm. I was trying to watch both the baseball game and Mad Men. I was switching back and forth between the channels.

I enjoy Mad Men. It is as it was in the 1960s. The show has some terrific writers. I do not know how they come up with the many sub plots. What imaginations!

The blond wife is getting ready to leave her husband. She was throwing him out last night. She thinks he deceived her (which he did) and that she is in love with another. She and the other have been together a total of 3 times and have exchanged 2 kisses. He tells her he wants to marry her. She believes him.

Only 2 shows left for the season. A rude awakening ahead for her!

After the game and Mad Men, it was around midnight. I should have been exhausted. I was. But I could not sleep.

I came up with an old movie on TV. 42nd Street. It came out 76 years ago in 1933.

42nd Street is one of those cute musicals of the 1930s. Most intertesting were the actors.

Warner Baxter starred. Who remembers him? I did. He was a dramatic actor type back then. Disappeared by the 1940s.

More interesting were the stars yet to be. The actors in the film who had smaller or very small parts and later became big time Hollywood stars.

Dick Powell was one. He had a second banana type singing role. By the 1940s he had given up singing and was a respected dramatic actor.

Ginger Rogers! Fred Astaire’s dancing partner in several movies. And a big time star in her own right in many films through the 1950s. She had a nothing part in 42nd Street. She was just part of the chorus.

And Ray Bolger. Ray was the straw man in Wizard of Oz. A dancer. He later starred in many films, Broadway shows and on TV. He, too, was merely part of the chorus in the film.

I finally fell asleep around 2 in the morning. And it is not even 6 am and I am up writing this blog.

Me thinks I am going to be tired this day!


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