Yesterday was Halloween. It was for all practical purposes the end of Fantasy Fest.

Lisa and Corey brought the grandkids over to visit me in the afternoon. Robert and Ally had been to a costume party at the Botanical Gardens.

They were both dressed as pirates. Cute!

And they had a huge bag of candy goodies. They brought the bag in to share with me. I had my choice. I took a couple of crunch bars and a bag of M & Ms.

I was not in the mood to watch the parade last night. I have probably seen 15 Fantasy Fest parades over the years. Even rode on a float once.

I wanted just a touch of the parade.

I had made plans to meet Marty at Cafe Marquesa at 8 for dinner. Marquesa is just a block of Duval where the parade would be going by.

Parking is a big time problem. 80,000 people in town for the parade. Most with cars.

Corey was helpful. A good son in law. He suggested I drive to his home, leave my car there and he would drive me where ever I wanted to go. And then he would pick me up.This guy is a gem!

He dropped me off a half hour early for my meeting with Marty. So I opted to walk the block to Duval. The Duval corner is where the La Concha Hotel is located. The parade had not reached there yet.

Remember Fantasy Fest is an adult party. Even though I was not in the mood to stand around for 2 hours watching the parade, I did want to get my fill of almost totally naked women. A man I am!

As I walked toward Duval, I passed a massage parlor. Two lovelies with next to nothing on walked out and proceeded toward Duval ahead of me. Wow! What a start to a voyeur experience!

I only stayed at Duval a couple of minutes. Too many people. A zoo. With many topless women milling around!

I headed back to Cafe Marquesa. Marty was at the bar. His wife Donna was in for the weekend.
It was good to see her again.

Maggie was bartending. A lovely young lady. She has worked at Marquesa for several years.

I noticed as I sat down at the bar a table of 3 couples by the window. They appeared to be wearing little by way of clothes. The women had short sarongs covering their bottoms and spray paint covering everything else. The men wore next to nothing also.

These people were my age. One of the men was very distinguished appearing. He had on a white loin clothe with a slim thong string running up his derriere. And a black bow tie. Nothing else.

The law permits bare female breasts in the area of Fantasy Fest. However they must be spray painted or covered with pasties. Men and women must have their genitals/bottoms covered however.

Maggie told us the table of six were from a Carnival ship which had docked friday evening and was to leave at midnight last night. My recollection is it was the Carnival Miracle.

The Carnival ship was a nudist venture. I was told 3,600 nudists were on the vessel for Fantasy Fest as part of its voyage. Another wow!

The table of six enjoyed themselves. Clothing apparently has nothing to do with an enjoyable eating and drinking experience.

Costumed people came in and out of Marquesa all night. It was an exciting evening!

I had not dined at Cafe Marquesa in quite a while. I am glad I did last night. My meal was absolutely delicious! I had a strip steak. Normally I would eat only half. But the taste was so spectacular, I finished the whole thing!

When dinner was concluded, I telephoned my son in law Corey. Our game plan was that he would pick me up when ever I was ready. Ten minutes later Corey arrived.

I was home in bed before 10. And I had a wonderful evening.

Today is sunday. Technically the last day of Fantasy Fest. Some small parties yet to wind the event down.

My sunday will be a normal one, however. Meet the Press, the sunday newspapers, Don’s Place for pro football and then dinner with Lisa and the family.

I hope your day will be as good as mine!

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