Sunday was another relatively quiet day for me.

Layed in bed in the morning. Watched Meet the Press and Chris Matthews. And a rerun of a Sopranos show.

Then to Don’s Place for pro football and socialization.

The whole world is at Don’s Place on a Sunday afternoon. The names are too many to mention. But it is the place to be. And fun!

Poor Angus! Angus works at Schooner’s Wharf. More importantly, he was one of my team mates in the golf tournament Don’s Place sponsored several months ago. The tournament we won! Angus was on crutches and had one leg casted. He fell at work and broke his ankle.

A tough break! I like that statement. It works two ways.

Later in the afternoon I went to Lisa’s. I was scheduled for Sunday night dinner with the family. Corey and Lisa were taking Cameron, Robert and Ally to the Fort Zachrey Taylor haunted house. A Fantasy Fest/halloween event.

I was not in the mood. I wanted to continue watrching football and then golf. So off they went. I stayed at Lisa’s hunched down is a very comfortable easy chair watching TV.

A couple of hours later the family returned. Ally was non stop talk telling me all about the scary things she saw. With such excitment! As only the young can tell you something.

Dinner was terrific. Lisa cooks well. I stuffed myself.

Then I hurried home. I intended to stay in last night. The Yankees game!

I was up till after midnight watching the game. The Yankees won! Now to the World Series!

I should be rested because I stayed in. But I stayed up late…..for me. So I am tired this morning.

I can’t win!

Enjoy your day!

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