No question! Fantasy Fest has arrived!

There is a spirit in the air. I could feel it last night. If it continues, this is going to be one of the best Fantasy Fests ever!

Per my usual custom, I started my evening last night at the Chart Room.

When I arrived, there were only a few people. Michael was bartending.

Sheila was there. With two nieces from Indianapolos. Jeni and Angie. Young lovelies. Both school teachers. Jeni teaches kindergarten and Angie first grade. They are here for Fantasy Fest week.

They were getting into the mood. Having a good time.

Then Sean and Katherine came in. It was my first sense that Fantasy Fest was off and running.

Sean was dressed as a pirate. Terrific costume. Well done.

Katherine was spectacular! She was wearing some sort of black body outfit. Like a one piece bathing suit. Leather. And wings! Beautiful full black wings. Long blond hair. Eyes darkened with shadow.

A knockout!

Sean and Katherine were just dressed for the night. No where in particular to go. They intended to walk Duval.

They each have a different costume for each evening. They are really into Fantasy Fest!

Then about a dozen women came in. In their 20s and 30s. All lovely. All dressed in some sort of black costume.

When I saw them it dawned on me that last night was BD/SM evening. 801 and Kelley’s were having their annual whip and leather Fantasy Fest parties. And these ladies were apparently heading to one of them. Probably Kelley’s, as 801 is a gay men’s party.

The Fantasy Fest flavor really became evident when two of the women exposed their breasts, which did not take much to expose. A few sparkles covering their nipples. That was it!

I thought Fantasy Fest is really here!

I headed over to Antonia’s for dinner. Relatively quiet. The street was busy, but not the restaurant. It was not a sit and dine evening.

I chatted with owner friend Christopher. Christopher grew up in Turin, N.Y., about 15 miles north of my home town Utica. A nice guy. A hard worker.

When I left Antonia’s, there were a bunch of men dressed in black leather. I knew some of them. They were headed over to the party at 801.

Duval was full of people walking around. Many costumed. There was a giddiness in the air.

Again, Fantasy Fest was here!

I did the BD/SM party scene last year for the first time at Kelley’s. Went with friends Donna Barnett and Terri White. An interesting experience! I lasted all of an hour and a half.

It was a one time experience for me. Interesting is the best way I can describe it. Whatever rocks a person’s boat.

Those last comments sound judgmental. I do not mean them that way. Leather costumes are very expensive. The parties are extremely crowded. Hard to even lift your arm to enjoy your drink. And seeing people getting their asses whipped does not do it for me.

I went home to bed to watch the end of the Philadelphia/Washington football game. A good game. Philadelphia and Donovan McNabb won.

Enjoy your day!

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