Yesterday was quiet and not as planned.

I was up early to babysit. Spent the morning with Robert and Ally. Quiet and uneventful.

Then to the coffee shop on Duval to read the New York papers. Sat outside. Had a double cafe mocha. Watched the people going by. There are a lot of tourists. Fantasy Fest has begun.

I had lunch at home. Watched some college football on TV. Decided to stay in and watch the Yankee game last nighjt.

Made myself a light dinner. When finished, crawled in bed. Turned on TV for the baseball game.

No game!

The Yankee game had been rained out. Rescheduled for today.

I had already eaten. Was in bed. Had no desire to get up, dress and go out. So I spent the evening watching old movies and falling asleep early.

It was a welcome easy evening.

Today will be different. Unless the whole world gets rained out.

It is Sunday. Sunday is Meet the Press, Don’s Place for pro football, the grandkids, Kate Miano’s Gardens and Larry Smith at the Wine Galley. Plus all the Sunday papers to read.

Enjoy your day!

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