Dinner time was crisis time last night!

Some hacker got into my Facebook site and gave me a virus. And in turn the virus was spread to many readers.

A tragedy! A pain!

It took about 2 hours to remedy the problem. Every thing supposedly ok now. But scarey. I guess some peopel just do not have anything better to do than screw up other people’s lives with their intelligence. I say this because from my perspective it takes a talented person to hack and plant a virus.

Golf was fun! Even though I played poorly as anticipated. Shot 10 strokes worse than the week before. Felt like a 100!

I played with Don, Aaron, Norm and Yankee Jack. Don and Norm are A players. Aaron and Yankee C players. And Louis a D player. However, Aaron excelled yesterday. He joined Don and Norm in shotting in the high 80s.

My ineptness cost me $12.

Golf tires me out at my age. So I generally go home to bed for a nap. Did so yesterday for 3 hours.

Upon arising, I discovered and delt with the hacker/virus problem.

Then off to the Chart Room. A good crowd again.

Chatted with Marty, Sean, Katherine and Captain Peter.

It was Marty’s last night in Key West. He is leaving again. He is off to Hallendale for a week.

We ate at the bar at La Trattoria. Erin bartending.

Duval had a good crowd. Noisy. Partying. Fantasy Fest starts friday. Perhaps they were early arrivers.

Then it was home to bed for me. And a good night’s sleep.

Ally is still sick. Running a fever. Will probably stay home from school today again.

Gandhi stood up to the mighty British and helped create a nation. His life molded a wise mind. Gandhi was an intellect, as well as fearless.

Many were his words of wisdom. For those out there who might be fraught with animosity, think of the following which Gandhi stated. “Holding a grudge is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”

Enjoy your day!

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  1. It seems like you are getting along just fine without Gary and Tecia..Have you met Mario and Gail yet?? If not, why not?? They are part of the VI's at Fort Zach too.. Looks like you like to spend a lot of time at that Italian Eatery at Duval and Appleruth[we do too and I can't spell La Trattoria].. We do have to figure out where the Chart Room is this winter..Patrick and JoAnn

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