Good morning world!

Everything is good again weatherwise here in Key West. Yesterday 88 degreees. Last night 77. No humidity.

What a terrific place to be!

Poor Ally is now sick. Lisa telephoned me when she picked up Ally to take her home from school. Ally has the bug. It started with Robert. Then Corey. Now Ally. Warned Lisa. She is next.

I stopped by to see Ally last night. Poor kid. You could see the fever in her eyes. And she was quiet. Children all look the same when they are ill.

Then I was off to the Chart Room.

Big Chart Room time last night! The place was packed.

I saw Che. The antlers are back. Che affixed them to a backboard and nailed the backboard to the wall. Good job, Che!

And hanging on one of the antlers was Captain Peter’s straw hat. Captain Peter’s personal and permanent hat rack from this time forward.

Marty, Dan, Candace, Sean, Katherine, Shiela, Jean and husband Joe, were there also. Everyone happy and giddy. It was in the air!

Mark was bartending. Friday’s costume party is Superheroes. What a sight that is going to be!

Marty and I walked across the street to the Hot Tin Roof for dinner at the bar. Jean and Joe were already there. Dan came in a bit later. Another fun time!

People are into being happy here in Key West. It should be contagious and spread everywhere!

The weather is perfect right now. It was sufficiently cool last night that air conditioning was not required. I slept with the doors and windows open. A cool breeze. And enough wind so that I could hear the ocean running by. One drawback. It kept waking me up.

Golf this morning. Since I played well last week, my game will probably revert. Such is life! Regardless, I enjoy playing. Even if I play poorly!

Enjoy your day!

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