Lisa’s Key West internet department store Via Key West has been open less than a week. Sales are starting to come in. Biggest seller to date? Key West Lou T-shirts! 17 ordered so far. Orders for the T-shirt have been received from all over the world. Crete, India, England and France. And several States.

Wow! Amazing!

Take a look at Via Key West. It’ll only take a minute. Lisa did a great job! Interesting Key West pieces. All price ranges.

Bocci last night! We did good. Won 2 out of 3 games.

We won the first decisively. Lost a close second game.

The third game was interesting. We were down 11-5. Not good.

I was playing poorly in the third game. As bad as I play golf. I just lost the touch!

My team members were playing well. It was me. When one player is off, it is like playing with 3 team members instead of 4.

Jules was my partner. She was doing her thing. But it was no good if I did not set her up with my shots. David and Don at the other end of the court carried us in that third game. They super achieved.

David is our captain and was visibly upset with me. As he should have been.

We got close.The score was 15-14. We had 14. The game and match were ours to lose. Jules and I. The polina and balls were at our end of the court to throw.

I redeemed myself. Two great shots! Two points! We won the game and match. My prior poor play in the game was forgotten. All was forgiven. It was like hitting a home run with the bases full in the bottom of the ninth!

Afterwards was drinking time and watching the Yankees get beat. Sad they lost. I am a Yankee fan.

Yesterday morning I stopped at KONK 1680 AM. Had my picture taken for publicity purposes. Chatted a bit.

The radio show starts Thursday Novemeber 5 at 1:00 pm. It will be a weekly one hour talk show. The subject matter will be the law. There will be guests and telephone call ins. And me. Hope it works out well. I never did this before.

A name for the show has been decided on. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. What else!

KONK 1680 AM radio is located on White Street across from Fausto’s. There was a building next door to the radio station till about 2 months ago. It burned down.

After the clean up, an empty lot remained. No longer. It is now Sand Isle.

Someone has opened a huge sand box. Adults play in the sand. Actually, they work. Sculpting beautiful statues of people and things. Impressive.

Besides sculpting for sale, a school is being conducted. And the facility is also available for sand box parties.

Me thinks Sand Isle is a success story in the making!

I had lunch with Ally yesterday. She is still ailing, but getting better. Kids are always sick. Sad.

Tonight is the start of Fantasy Fest! It will be crazy time in Key West for the next 10 days!

Each night has different events scheduled. Tonight is Goombay! A street festival on Petronia Street. Caribbean food, drink and music will abound.

I am doing Goombay tonight with a bunch from Don’s Place. We are meeting at 6 at Crabby Dick’s. A few drinks and then onto Petronia Street!

It will be fun!

Have a good day!

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