I am late getting the blog out this morning. It is not the computer. That is fixed. It was Lisa and the grandkids.

My grandchildren Robert and Ally needed a baby sitter this morning. Early! I was up and out at 6 am. Yes, it was dark.

Lisa leaves for work at 7. Corey at 9. So getting the grandkids up and out for school is covered. However, this morning Corey had an early meeting in Key Largo. A 100 plus mile trip up the keys.

So Poppa was required to babysit.

Not bad. Robert and Ally wash and dress themselves. Lisa had already prepared their breakfasts. When the 3 of us were alone, we had very little chatter. They were more content to watch some early kid TV show.

It was easy!

It is 9 and I am now home. And finally getting down to today’s blog.

Fall has come and gone for Key West. We had our 2 day cold spell. Everything is back to normal.

I left the house at 8 am yesterday. It was 68 and cold. I left the house again at 6 last night to go watch Robert play soccer. It was 77 and slightly humid. Today the temperature will run from the high 80s by day down to the high 70s by night. Normalcy.

I had breakfast in the morning at Harpoon Harrys. Stayed a couple of hours sipping coffee and leafing through the papers. Then I had to go to Publix. The cupboard was bare. I was in desperate need of everything.

I spent the rest of the day working on my radio talk show which begins November 5 on KONK 1680 AM. I had to decide on topics and guests. Some of the shows will deal with criminal sentencing, the homeless, the death penalty, gay adoption, Truman annex, mediation, domestic issues, foreclosures, personal injury and the Mel Fisher legal saga. I lined up some guests. I am off and running! The show should be interesting!

Marty is back! My dinner lonliness is at an end. Till Marty leaves again!

I hooked up with Marty at the Chart Room. He was talking to a relatively young couple. Early to mid 40s. Marla and Scott. From LaFayette, Indiana.

I love Indiana people. Solid people. They have a sincerity and kindness about them. My son in law Corey is from Indiana and is such a person.

Marla and Scott are on their honeymoon. Second marriage for both. They were married two weeks ago. They are staying at the Pier House.

Marla is a real easte appraiser. She is busy in this down economy working with banks and other financial institutions in refinancing, foreclosures and the like. Scott is an undertaker. He is naturally busy also.

We talked basketball. I spoke of the Syracuse-Indiana Final Four game in New Orleans where Syracuse got beat by a point. They were not much interested in Indiana basketball. They are Purdue fans. First time I realized Purdue is located in Indiana. Anyhow, Marla and Scott told me that this may be Purdue’s year in basketball. They have 3 returning veterans who have played together since high school. They were very excited and positive about Purdue’s basketball fortunes this coming season.

Now I will have 2 college teams to watch religiously. Syracuse and Purdue.

Marty and I went over to Antonia’s for dinner. Very quiet. We sat at the bar.

I had a good time. Stayed later than normal. Usually I hurry home immediately after dinner. Last night I stayed and chatted a while longer with Marty.

Allen Wimer was there. I have not seen him in ages. He was having dinner with artist friend Tosh and some woman. It was good to chat with Allen for a few moments.

Allen went back into busness several years ago. He has and still does spend much time in the Orient. He came up with a towel that is pre wetted and cooled and stored in a small bag. He discovered the towel somewhere on one of his far east trips. A person uses the towel to cool himself/herself. The towel stays cool for a long period of time.

He now has a multi million dollar company. He sells the towels big time to professional sports for resale at their events. They are carried in all the major drug stores. He is a marketing genius!

Adam Levin is a man about town and a Facebook friend. Yesterday he had a tidbit on Facebook which bears repeating.

We are all familiar with the adage that before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes. Adam has added another line. Adam says, “Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes. Then when you criticize them, you are a mile away and you have their shoes!”


Enjoy your day!

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  1. Lou …. I read your blog daily. Your blog today especially caught my attention as I live in West Lafayette IN which is home to Purdue. I live across the street from Mackey arena which is where the Boilermakers play their games. Keep your eye on the "Boilers" this year….they should be good.

    Also, I was in KW last week …. sorry I didn't try and look you up.

  2. Lou,
    As a native of Syracuse and a graduate of SU, I share your excitement about SU sports (basketball today, football in a few years).

    Since I lived in Indiana (in Kokomo, near Purdue) for 35 years until moving to PA last year, I also have Gold and Black in my blood and agree with railroader about the Boilermakers B Ball team this year!

    Maybe I'll see you at FF next week. I'll be the one wearing goofy costumes 🙂


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