Slept late this morning. I am up a couple of hours later.

What a difference 2 hours makes! The sun is shinning bright. The water blue. There is a warm breeze coming in the window. And it is still humid!

The difference is like day and night! Because it is!

The TV is flashing news reports about the big snow storms in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Glad I am in Key West! Had enough of that in my former life!

There is only one way to beat those ugly winters. Jump in your car and drive south. All the way! To the end of the road! And then you will be in Key West, the southernmost point in the United States!

I had an unusal day yesterday. I felt liked staying in bed all day. So I did. Every now and then the body and soul call for it.

I read a bit, watched TV and slept off and on. I continue to read the Lincoln book. Lincoln had an interesting life. Makes you wonder sometimes how he made it to the Presidency. Sort of like Obama’s early years.

I discovered yesterday that Lincoln was a postmaster in the 1830s. He was the postmaster for some small town in Illinois. When the mail arrived, he would stuff it in his hat. Then when he walked around town and ran into some one who had a letter, he would take off his hat and pull out the letter for delivery on the spot.

I did get up around 6 and went out. I enjoyed the evening.

Started at the Chart Room. Mark was throwing a 1980s party at 9. I was there around 7. Mark was already dressed. A long black wig and moustache. Dark sunglasses. Clothes appropriate to the era.

These friday night parties are turning into events. A good crowd each friday. I have to attend one of them soon.

Then to Hot Tin Roof for dinner at the bar.

I was watching the Yankee game at the bar. A couple sat next to me. Ren and Amanda. From Columbus, Ohio. On vacation here for a week.

Ren is a general contractor in Columbus. He used to live in Key West and worked as a general contractor here for a number of years. Then came Hurricane Wilma about 4 years ago. Wilma was the one that dumped about 6 feet of water across the island. No one had money to immediately reconstruct. The insurance companies were screwing every one. The wind company blamed the damage on water. The water company blamed the damage on the wind. No one was getting paid. To this day there are still claims pending.

Anyhow, Ren left Key West to find paying work and ended up in Columbus.

He was with Amanda, a lovely young lady. A hairdresser in Columbus. She was enjoying her first time in Key West.

They have had an interesting week. They eat fish every day. Smart! It is all fresh. And they charter boats and go out on the water every day. The weather is excellent. The water calm.

A perfect Key West vacation!

I like the Hot Tin Roof. The ambiance is perfect. The restaurant is located in the Ocean Key House. The restaurant and hotel are part of the Noble House chain. A well run operation.

The restaurant sits on the Gulf. Only feet away. And the Ocean Key pier where Key West/Carribean music is played all evening. People eat, drink and dance out on the pier.

John Lukas is General Manager of the Hot Tin Roof. We have become friends this past year. He does a first class job as General Manager. He is gracious and cordial. On top of everything. The food is masterful. And John is always there to greet you with a handshake and smile. The Noble chain is fortunate to have him.

After dinner, I was in the mood to continue my evening. Why not! I was well rested after spending the day in bed!

I wandered over to the Keys Piano Bar. I love piano bar music and the New York performers who sing there.

Rebecca came in. A lovely lady! She walked right up to me. Said you don’t remember me. I said no. She said I am Rebecca. We met last year at Donna Barnett’s Fantasy Fest party. I was the woman with the big bare boobs! I still did not remember. Perhaps if her breasts were bare last night I might have recognized her! We kissed and chatted about Dona and Terri’s soon to be wedding in New York City.

Kathy Kaefer and Mark Watson were singing last night. Talents! I enjoy listening to both of them.

Kathy is a dynamite looking red head from New York. She is here on a 3 week gig. Mark is a Key West regular. Probably has achieved icon status already on the island. A sweet charming guy! Loved by every one!

Kathy sang some real oldies that touched my heart. One was “You’ll Never Know.” I remember it well. The song always reminds me of the first time I heard it. It was during World War II. Yes, I am that old! But I was a mere youth at the time. Between 5 and 10.

My Mother’s 2 brothers, Uncles Gus and Al, had come to visit from New York City. We went to the Avon theatre while they were in Utica. George Murphy was starring. A song and dance man at the time. I do not recall the movie. But I do remember Murphy singing the song.

Murphy later went on to be a one term United States Senator from California. He was the first movie star to go into politics big time. You might say he was a precursor for Ronald Reagan.

Then Kathy got into some Nelson Riddle. She sang “It’s Magic.” A 1960’s hit! I was older by then. Actually 25 and had just graduated from law school.

In between, I got to talk with Kathy and Mark.

A good evening overall! I left the Keys bar with a warm feeling.

Back to the weather. It may be warm and humid now. I assure you it is very humid. I am beginning to sweat from the humid air blowing through the open window.

The high today is projected at 88. However tomorrow or Monday the cold spell up north will make its affects felt in the keys. The high will only be 77. A major drop in temperature! The low will be 68. That is cold in Key West!

Have a good day where ever you are!

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