The cold front has arrived!

It is 68 degrees at 7 this morning. Down from around 88 degrees yesterday morning. A 24 hour drop of 20 degrees!

The high today will be 75. Cold for us here in the keys!

I should not complain. I am not complaining. The break in weather is refreshing. It will only last 2 days. Besides, look how cold it is up north. In the teens in Utica in upstate New York this morning. My home town.

Yesterday was a very good one.

I stayed home again during the day. However I was fruitful. I did not just lay around and sleep. I caught up on paper work and watched some college football.

The evening started with the Chart Room. Jean Thornton was there! She has returned! She has been back in Key West a few days, but our paths had not crossed. Jean had been up north caring for her 91 year old mother.

Welcome back Jean! You were missed!

Jean has many claims to fame. She has a sweet disposition. Lovely. Caring. And so forth. Her public face is that of a Golden Girl. Some years ago she dove with a Mel Fisher excursion and found gold and other valuable pieces of jewelry. A big find! She was a school teacher who was visiting Key West at the time. She no longer teaches. She now spends most of her time in Key West. And continues to dive!

Jean was with her friend Stephanie Kaple. Stephanie is the island shoe girl. A shoe fanatic. She spends every free dollar she has on shoes. All kinds! Name brands! Expensive! But a smart buyer she is. She charts the sales.

Stephanie also writes a blog. She starts with shoes and kicks into some deep social issue. It is amazing where Stephanie can take us from shoes to world and human concerns.

Stephanie works with the homeless. That is her earthly calling. She is well educated and experienced for the responsibility. She runs a non profit in Key West that cares for the homeless.

Then to Antonia’s for dinner. A good crowd.

Charlie and Regina were seated at the bar. Charlie and Regina are my neighbors here on Key Haven. They live about a block from me.

I have known them both for a long time. As neighbors and acquaintances I would occasionally see at Antonia’s and La Te Da. Charlie has run a successful moped business here in Key West for years. He has a large place for his business on Truman.

Charlie has a hobby. He collects classic cars. An expensive hobby!

Classic cars cannot be left sitting out. The sun and ocean salt would kill them here in the keys. They must be garaged.

Key Haven is considered a prime residential area. It is about 2 miles outside Key West. Key West’s business and professional people make their homes on Key Haven.

Key Haven is high rent. No place for a garage to house classic cars. It would not look right.

Across the street from his home there was an empty lot. On the ocean, of course. Charlie purchased the lot and constructed a garage that looks like a house for his classic cars. And no one complained.

Smart man, Charlie!

Regina and Charlie are both nice people.

Last night Regina really touched my heart!

When she saw me coming through the door to Antonia’s, she called me over. I read your blog she stated with enthusiasm! She told me she was looking up Key West lobster on the internet and up came Key West Lou. She was not awsare that I wrote a blog. She read one, then another. She said she spent 4 hours going back and reading the blogs! She reiterated my activities, my grandchildren and everything else I write about.

I was impressed! I am impressed! I have a new fan! And such a nice one!

There was a lone seat at the bar. Fortunately next to a lovely young lady. Stephanie. It was my night for Stephanies! First at the Chart Room with the island shoe girl. Now at Antonia’s with another. Both young. Both knock outs.

Antonia’s Stephanie was only 28 years old. However she has lived in Key West for several years. At one time she owned and ran a bridal coordination business. She is now employed by Noble House as Ocean Key’s banquet manager. One of her responsibilities is wedding coordination.

Turns out Stepanie also is friends with my daughter Lisa. A small world!

To top is off, Stephanie is from upstate New York also. Rochester. And she and her parents are Syracuse fans!

It was fun having Stephanie for a dinner companion.

I am looking out the window. The wind is blowing big time! It is coming down on us from the north. TV says the winds today are 20-30 miles per hour. I can see waves and white caps in the ocean.

My office window is closed this morning. I can stand the humidity, but it is way too cold to leave it open this morning. We will not need air conditioning today!

It is Sunday. Lisa just telephoned and told me to come over for breakfast. So that will be my first stop of the day. At some point I will end up at Don’s Place to watch pro football. Probably will need to wear a sweat shirt. Tonight, hopefully the Gardens.

Enjoy your day!

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