The weather is crazy good here in Key West. Hot! 91 yesterday.

Last night was unusual weather wise. The humidity was actually overbearing.

Normally once the sun sets, it cools down this time of year. We were playing bocci. The sun set. There was absolutely no breeze. And we play on the Atlantic! The water was dripping off all of us. My tee shirt was soaking wet as if I had been playing golf in the hot sun.

No complaints, however. Better than the snow and cold weather up north.

Today the high is going to be 88. And 88 tomorrow, also. Then on Sunday a cold spell is going to hit the keys. The temperature is going to drop to a high of 77. It’s a tough life!

Bocci was terrific last night! We won all 3 games! The first 2 decisively. The last was a squeeker. We were down 15-14. Rob and I had the game in our hands at our end of the court. I shoot first. My 2 balls sucked. Rob came through, however! Hero time! He scored the winning 2 points!

Lisa’s internet Key West department store is up and running. Called Via Key West. Visit it if you have a moment. It’s an easy trip. A lot of Key West goodies available for purchase.

One of the items is a Key West Lou tee shirt. Lisa’s idea. She is driven by paternal respect. Who would want to walk around with a typewriter and my name on their chest? The whole world we hope!

That ballon and lost child story yesterday was horrendous! I was glued to the TV. I did not see how the boy could be landed safely. The 6 year old was not in the ballon. Turns out he was hiding in the attic. This morning the news shows are suggesting perhaps a hoax. Hopefully not. It would turn out to be a sick scenerio.

Still dark outside. Black. I am up early. Very early. But the sun will rise and it will be another fantastic Key West day!

Enjoy your day!

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