Good morning!

I am up at that in between time this morning. It is not dark. Black as I describe it. Yet the sun has not risen. It is like life. Everything is gray. Actually quite pretty. I see the silvery ocean and lone shadowy black palm tree outside my window..

Played golf yesterday morning! My neck held up.

I am excited. I played the best golf I have in ages! Shot 103. That is 20 strokes better than normal.

I played with Don and Yankee Jack. Don was hot. Shot a 79. Yankee did well also. Shot 98.

Because of the crazy side bets, I only lost $6. A good day in that respect also!

Robert is better. Though he had to stay home yesterday. He will be off to school this morning.

I spent the afternoon resting and reading. Golf knocks me out. Remember I am 74.

I continue to be into the Lincoln book. I apologize for being repitious. However, the book’s author lived during the Lincoln years. It is so exciting to read the words of one who was there!

With the Iraqi and Afghanistan wars, we have seen many soldiers redeployed several times. A rather new situation. They either must go because we now have a professional army or they volunteer.

Prior to the Iraq war, such deployments were not common. A soldier went, did his war service once and that was it.

During the Vietnam War, I knew two individuals who signed up for second tours of duty in the jungles of Vietnam. They believed that strongly in the mission there. I thought they were crazy. They could get killed! But they believed and wanted to do it.

Which brings us to Abraham Lincoln.

In 1832 Lincoln was living in Illinois. An Indian chief by the name of Sacs was in a dander and started a big time war against the Illinois settlers. It was known as the Black Hawk War.

Lincoln and some of his young friends volunteered.

In those days, officers were selected by vote. Yes, the troops voted for who they wanted to lead them. And yes, Lincoln was elected to be Captain of his group.

Lincoln’s tour of duty ran out. He signed up for a second tour. He and some of his friends. This time however he had to do it as a private.

Lincoln believed Sacs was a bad guy and had to be brought down. He voluntarily redeployed, using today’s vernacular.

Last night started as usual witht the Chart Room. A good crowd. Sean and Katherine were there. Katherine had a girl friend, new fellow employee and new resident of Key West with her. Candice. A beauty!

I caught Shiela as she was leaving. She was on her way out as I was on my way in. I have not seen her in ages. Her day job is driving one of those tourist trolley cars around town. A good lady in every respect!

Then to La Trattoria for dinner.

I was sitting at the bar when Tosh walked in. I had sat next to him at the bar Monday when I dined at Antonia’s. He joined me at the bar.

Tosh is short for Jon McIntosh. Jon is a local artist. Does some great stuff. Take a look at his web site He is presntly showing at the Green Street Gallery.

We had an interesting evening discussing art. He from the artist’s perspective and me from the collector’s.

I heard from Donna and Terri yesterday. They are in New York City and have been for a while. Terri is starring in the Broadway revival of Finian’s Rainbow which opens October 28.

Donna and Terri are getting married on November 1. On the stage of the theatre where Finian’s Rainbow will be playing. New York does not recognize same sex marriages. So they will be scooting at some time over the border to Connecticut where such unions are recognized to retie the knot.

Donna and Terri are excited. They had just returned from a fitting for their wedding apparel.
They are both wearing leather. One purple and the other red.

I had to tell them I would not be able to attend the wedding. I have to be in Miami during their wedding time and cannot cancel my time there. Sad. I wanted to share their day with them and I know they wanted me there for this happy occasion.

The sun is coming up. The gray outside my window is turning a light yellow. Another great Key West day in the making!

Enjoy your day!

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