The cold spell has left us. It is warm! Yesterday hit 90! However we were blessed with a strong breeze from the east. There where white caps on the Atlantic.

When Paradise Cafe was forced to close down, the ownership moved a block away to Blossom’s. Two of Paradise’s employees opted to start their own place. They opened a sandwich type shop on Bertha, just off Flagler. It is called Lucky Lady.

I stopped at Lucky Lady for lunch yesterday. What a great place!

Big inside. Tableclothes. Unusual in a sandwich shop.

The sandwiches and prices were the same as Paradise. Why not! That is where they learned!

I enjoyed my cuban toast with tomato and cheese. Sat at a corner table and read the newspapers. And watched the customers come and go. Try the place! You will enjoy Lucky Lady!

I spent the afternoon painting a bit and continuing to read the Lincoln book.

Interesting the things we learn. Lincoln as we all know came from poor stock. Not an unusual occurrence in these United States. Look at Obama.

Lincoln’s father had his drawbacks. His mother was illegitimate. His people came from Kentucky before settling in Illinois. There were Lincolns however that came over from Europe soon after the Mayflower. They settled in Massachusetts and apparently were quite successful socially and economically. In his early years, Lincoln would sometimes suggest that he was of the Massachusetts clan.

Last night I intended to do the Oktoberfest party at Don’s Place and then the Lace and Leather party at the Chart Room.

I did neither.

That is one of the things that is nice about Key West. Your options are many. You are free to go with the flow or do what you want.

I decided to do differnetly last night.

I met Marty early at the Chart Room. It turned out neither of us was in the mood for the parties. We both wanted to see the Couples Retreat movie which opened last night at the theatre in the Sears shopping Center. So it was off to the shopping center.

We intended to have a quick bite at Outbacks. The place was packed. Friday night and every one had money in their pockets. So we went over to the Chinese restaurant a few doors away. We ordered too much and ate too much.

The Couples Retreat movie is a comedy. It featured Vince Vaughan as one its stars. I like Vaughan. A funny guy.

Although the movie was only rated C+, it was a hoot! I laughed throughout. I have learned that these movie ratings mean little.

The movie was packed. Not a seat left. Unusual. And the crowd consisted of all generations, except for teenagers.

Experiencing the crowd, it occurred to me that when the economy is bad, people seek cheap light hearted amusement to relieve their anxieties. Couples Retreat was just what the doctor ordered!

Yes, I thought the movie was economically reasonable. $7 for a senior ticket! I remember on the other hand when I started going to the movies. The James Street theatre in Utica. It was four cents! That price bought 2 films, a cartoon and a serial.

This morning I have a painting to finish. Then to Lisa’s. I have not seen the grandkids since Tuesday.

Lisa is busting her butt tieing up the loose ends on her internet department store Via Key West which is soon to open. Perhaps this next week.

I am up early this morning. Black outside my open window. It will be another glorious Key West day. And with a good cool breeze. I can hear the ocean running rapidly beneath my window and the waves hitting on the rocks below.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Abraham Lincoln was related to those Lincolns who went to Massachusetts soon after Plymouth was founded. My sister married into that Lincoln family and can trace how Abraham's family is related to them. I believe it was his grandfather that moved the family to Virginia (initially).

    Enjoying your blog!


  2. Hi Lou, I like your blog. I'm a friend of Lisa and will be putting her site on our site which is www. Keywestfinest. Com. You met my Mom Iris recently. Thanks for the update on Paradise Cafe. Btw, I believe the new place on Bertha is called Lucky Day. I look forward to meeting you!
    Best regards,

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