It continues to amaze me how many people read this blog. And their locations!

Yesterday I received an e mail from Jim Brown.

Jim lives in Crete. Crete is one of the Greek isles. Jim loves Crete’s warm weather, island living and his new grandson. He works two jobs. His evening work is as lead singer in what he describes as a rock, blues soul band. Jim claims he is living his dream when doing it.

Sounds like our Howard Livingston.

Jim’s comment was received over Facebook where my blog runs daily also.

Good hearing from you, Jim. Keep enjoying your life. I hope I get out your way some time and we can tip a few together! Or, you come here! It matters not which island we enjoy each other’s company on. As long as we enjoy!

I lunched at the outside beach bar at the Pier House yesterday. Warm. Humid. It was leisure time. I read the papers and observed the ladies.

Then to Lisa’s. She was seated at the kitchen table with her computer dutifully working on her internet department store Via Key West. The grandkids were building things with blocks. Cameron was in his room playing the guitar. And Corey was doing something upstairs.

Stayed a while.

I spent the rest of the afternoon at home watching the President’s Cup. Good competitive golf!

Last night started as usual at the Chart Room. Marty, Captain Peter and Frank. Michael bartending. A drink or two and some easy conversation.

Then Marty and I were off to La Trattoria.

Beecha welcomed me at the door. Always love to see Beecha!

Erin was bartending.

Marty treated me to dinner.

We had discussed going over to the Keys Piano Bar after dinner. Marty changed his mind as we left La Trattoria. By the time I got to my car, I changed my mind also. So it was home to bed.

Today is Sunday. Love Sundays! The Sunday papers, Meet the Press, Lisa and the family, the Gardens and Kate, the Wine Galley and Larry and what have you.

Enjoy your day! I plan on enjoying mine!

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