THE chicken was at bocci last night!

It was a first!

A rooster! Tall and majestic. Red and brown. Proud.

He was all over the courts. Running from one to the other. Preening. Naturally avoiding the balls. And trying to avoid the balls.

No one shot at the rooster intentionally. But he was nuts to be there! Liking running back and forth across an eight lane highway at high traffic time.

Whatever, the rooster finally learned and disappeared. He probably said to himself these humans are nuts! They’re trying to kill me!

Bocci was a big night all around last evening. Landon Nordeman was there.

Landon is a New York professional photographer. He is in Key West for a few weeks at The Studios of Key West. He spotted the bocci courts and the throng of people. He decided to stop. What a night he had!

He took pictures and made recordings. The jumping, the finesse, the yelling, the screaming, the cursing. He recorded it all!

I hope we get a chance to see and hear the results.

I got to talk with Landon a bit. An interesting guy. Into his business. Relatively young. Probably around 30. I checked him out on the internet this morning. In 2006 a major photo organization selected him as an”…emerging photographer to watch.”

I checked out his protfolio on the internet also. He has an interesting sensitivity when it comes to selecting subjects for his work. A winner in the making!

So far 2 big things at bocci. And now for the third. We won 2 out of 3 games. Hip, hip, hooray!

Jules was our star! She played the first 2 games we won. We benched her for the third so all could play. A mistake. It was the third game we lost.

Whatever, 2 victories is good! In the last 4 weeks we have won 8 and lost 4. Not bad. Better than losing 12 in a row like we did last season.

After bocci, I went over to Don’s Place for a drink. Ran into Randy. Randy is a golf friend. He does not play bocci. He is a good golfer. We had a drink together at Don’s outside bar.

Speaking of Don’s Place, tonight is the big Oktoberfest Party. German food and beer. Everyone go and enjoy!

And when you have consumed enough brockwurst, wienerschitzel, hot potato salad and beer, go over to the Chart Room for the Leather and Lace party. If you do not wish to be a participant, you can always watch. I have to believe the watching will be good!

Yesterday was quiet. Breakfast at Blossom’s for cuban toast and coffee. Lunch at Harpoon Harry’s. I spent the afternoon reading. I enjoyed 2 books that I am reading simutaneously. One is about Abraham Lincoln and the other the very early history of my hometown Utica.

Both have a similarity. A connection. I am into the early 1800s in both books. Our nation was rough and rugged at the time. Whether it was upstate New York or somewhere in Illinois, things were the same.

Lisa continues to fine tune her internet department store Via Key West. I suspect it will be ready to go sometime next week.

Enjoy your day!

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