I am up early again. Black outside. I cannot hear the water moving by. Which means there is no wind.

It was on the warm side yesterday. Temperature got up to 91. I wonder if the cold spell is leaving us.

I started my day at Blossom’s. Blossom’s is the old Paradise Cafe transported to a new location and new name. It was early so I limited my intake to cuban coffee and toast. And read the newspapers, of course.

Lunch was at home. Domestication is upon me. I had made a huge bowl of egg salad Sunday. So I am into eating it. I must say, not bad! Perhaps I have a new calling in my old age as a cook.

I had a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon. Such appointments become a way of life as one gets older. OK as long as anything found is fixable!

Soccer last night. Robert plays on Monday. It was a big occasion! Robert scored his first goal!

I am proud of him!

Robert is playing better this year. Not because of the goal alone. He is mixing it up and going after the ball. And then there are times he just isn’t with it. He starts day dreaming and looking around when the play is on the other side of the field. I noticed that the other 5 year olds have this problem on occasion also. It is a focus issue. But it is being imporoved upon. In a year or two they will all look like pros.

After soccer, I went over to La Trattoria for dinner. La Trattoria has been closed for a couple of weeks for renovations. They must have been minor because I could not notice any discernable changes.

La Trattoria has good flavor. I am speaking of its atmosphere. That the food is good goes without saying.

Kathy was bartending. I have not seen her in about 3 weeks. She had a one week trip up to Albany for a family wedding before the renovations. She has a great personality. And is a first class human being to boot.

It is a small world. The couple I was sitting next to at the bar were from Syracuse!

Tom and Jeannine are actually from Cicero, a suburb of Syracuse. Tom owns an employee leasing company. Jeannine is manager of a furniture supply chain. Nice people. We spoke of Syracuse football. What else! I loved it!

They have a double time share at the Galleon. Are in Key West every year at this time. Like the rest of us, they will eventually buy here. I could tell. They are hooked on Key West!

I just looked out the window. The sun must have come up. But I cannot see it. There are heavy clouds at the moment. So the sole palm tree and ocean in my view are all gray. A pretty sight.

Lisa continues to work hard on her Key West internet department store. Via Key West will open soon. She is tweaking it ad infinitum!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hi Lou,
    We have been home for a while and finally had the chance to look up your blog. It was a pleasure meeting you at La Trattoria and yes, what a small world it is.

    We went from record heat in Key West to our typical upstate New York weather of 50 degrees. Needless to say I have a bad cold.

    Say hi to Kathy next time you go in
    for dinner. Look forward to next year in Key West!

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