Good morning!

I am up early. Everything is pitch black outside.

I can hear the water. The ocean is running beneath my window.

I can hear the garbage truck. It is Monday morning pick up time.

After spending yesterday morning lounging in bed and watching TV, I headed for Don’s Place. Sundays at Don’s during football season has become a tradition. Every one shows up! All friendly faces!

Then I was off to Lisa’s. To see my loving daughter, her husband Corey and the grandkids. Robert and Ally are getting big. They seem just a bit taller each time I am with them. I also was able to read the Sunday papers while there.

I went home to catch the tail end of the PGA Turning Stone Golf Tournament. It ended in a tie. Went 2 extra holes when play was suspended. It gets dark in upstate New York early these days. The players could no longer see the ball. They tee off again at 8:30 this morning.

I enjoyed watching the tournament. It is Fall. Turning Stone is about 15 miles from my hometown of Utica. The leaves are turning, just as the name of the resort indicates. They are all kinds of bright colors. Reds, yellows and browns. The tournmanent on TV gave me the opportunity to do a New York autumn without experiencing the cold and rain that accompanies it.

Marty telephoned. My friend Marty Leshaw. Who has been gone from Key West for about 10 days now.

He wanted to know who Garcia was that I mentioned in yesterday’s blog. I told him he/it was a bit confusing. My message from Garcia technically was a message to Garcia. The term had been bastardized over the years. It had to do with Cuba, the Spanish-American war of 1898, Tyrone Power and the U.S. Navy. A story in and of itself and reserved for another day.

Anyhow, Marty will return in 3-4 days. My lonely dinners will be over!

Marty told me he had been in New York City over the weekend. He left Fort Lauderdale Friday and returned yesterday, Sunday. The purpose of his trip was to see Amy Culver in her maiden public performance as a comedian.

Amy is a Key Wester, former owner of Mangoes Restaurant and a much loved woman here in Key West. Marty said Amy was absolutely terrific! She is outstanding as a comedian! A hidden talent revealed!

Good girl, Amy! You broke a leg!

Last night I had dinner at Antonia’s at the bar. Good food!

TK was bartending. Tiffany waiting on tables. And Bart hosting. All good people!

I hurried home after dinner to catch Mad Men on TV at 10. Love the series! What a show! If you are not into it, get into it! It is the 1960s as it was!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Greetings from the Hill.

    Friendly walks and chats
    about town.

    How life should be.

    Best wishes.

  2. I'm glad you clarified your reference to Garcia. I e-mailed Marty yesterday evening to ask him that same question. I was afraid I was losing it, wondering who this Garcia person was who sending Marty and me messages. 🙂
    Hopefully I'll be back soon. And please tell Garcia and the rest of the Chart Room gang that I miss you all very, very much!!!

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