Yesterday was a typical Key West day. A good one! They are all good!

To begin, the weather continues to be perfect. The lack of humidity makes all the difference in the world.

Lisa and Corey came over yesterday morning with the grandkids. They have a Saturday ritual. Yard sales. They religiously do them every Saturday morning.

Robert and Ally are each given $.25. To use to buy whatever they want. But they can only spend a quarter a piece.

They are getting quite good at it. Both have learned bartering. At 5 and 4 years old, they negotiate if something costs more than they can afford. Occasionally they will luck out and get a $2 item for twenty five cents.

Yesterday, Ally was all excited. She bought a toy plastic hair dryer. Pink. Pink made it all the more special. It is her favorite color. She made believe she was drying my hair!

Robert had some space war soldier toy. He loves those things.

After they left, I drove into town for a walk. I walked the waterfront again. It was lunch time. The tourist places like Conch Republic, Schooner’s and Half Shell Raw Bar were busy. I ran into Captain Peter. He was sitting by the water sharply dressed wearing his straw hat.

I stopped at Harpoon Harry’s for cuban toast and to read the newspapers.

Then home to watch college football and golf on TV.

The PGA is at Turning Stone this weekend. Turning Stone is a gambling casino and resort in Verona, New York. Verona is about 20 miles from my home town Utica.

Turning Stone is a big time operation! The fact that they have a PGA tournament speaks for itself. Five golf courses! All in great shape. A pleasure to play. And terrific restaurants, spas and what have you. I never visited for the gambling. Gambling never turned me on. I had to work too hard for my money and had too much respect for it. However, the amenities that surrounded the gambling attracted me to Turning Stone. It became my social place evenings when I was still back in Utica practicing law.

It is Fall up north. The seasons are changing. Summer has slipped into Fall. It was evident yesterday watching the golf tournamnet. The leaves have changed! They were aflame in color!

Last night I hit the Chart Room first. Michael was bartending. Mike and Tina were there. Mike and Tina are from Hartford, Connecticut. They own a home in Key West also. Near the cemetary. They seem to be down here once a month. Good for them!

Last night they were with Mike’s parents. The parents were having a good time! Very personable people.

While we were at the bar, two guys came in dressed strangely. Even for Key West.

They had to be in their 50s. They were both wearing what I would describle as faux fur coats. Long. Heavy appearing. One pink and the other light blue. Both were also wearing huge hats made of similar material. The hats were like large pancakes sitting in their heads.

What the event they were to attend, what the party, I do not know. Again, it was strange attire even for Key West.

They were already fairly inebriated. They had a couple of quick drinks and were on their way. To where, we knew not. They had one complaint in the short time they were with us. They had been required by someone or some authority to wear shorts under their coats. They wanted to go bare. They were confident that before the night was over, the shorts would be gone.

Little did they know, that their night was probably going to be a short one. It was not even 8 o’clock and they were already shot. I would be surprised if they made it to midnight!

I had a need for a steak. So it was off to the Strip House at the Reach. I enjoyed an excellent strip steak with creamed spinach and potatoes. Shades of a New York steak house!

Fred Kulzer is a friend on Facebook. He resides in Munchen, Germany. He wrote today something to the effect that daydreaming is a harmless vacation. It struck me. How true!

Today is Sunday. Always a big day. The Sunday papers, Meet the Press, Don’s Place for professional football, Lisa and the grandchildren and the Gardens. What could be better!

There is a message from Garcia to Jean and Marty. Where ever you are, hurry back to Key West. You are missed!

Enjoy your Sunday, also!

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  1. Glad to hear that your leg is doing better…..Your spider bite took me back to about 1973,maybe 1974. There was a spider outbreak that took place.The spiders where transported down in sod from around Lake Okeechobee.The comment your Doctor made about the spider made me laugh. "They are not native to here"…..Haaaaa!!! I would like to type more on the subject but I……
    1. Need to kill the fungus on my orange tree that came from Africa.
    2.The same tree is a home I believe for some Cuban tree rats.
    3.Iguanas are worse than pigeons
    4.Hope a anaconda or Python takes care of the above.
    5.I have another infestation of Japanese Beatles
    6.My friend tells me that the HUGE ants I'm seeing on a half dead tree in my yard are from South America and will soon be eating my house…
    Ya gotta love South Florida……

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