What a beautiful morning!

The sun is shining. The water still. No breeze. And best of all, no humidity! This cold spell, which has dropped the Key West temperature to about 88 degrees, is wonderful!

Late yesterday morning, I took a walk along the waterfront. Key West beauty never ceases to amaze me!

Afterwards I opted for lunch at Harpoon Harry’s. It has swiftly become a new favorite of mine.

Earlier in the week, I saw a lady eating potatoes and eggs covered with a sausage gravy. Our eyes met. She gave me that smile indicating that her meal was to die for!

So yesterday I had scrambled eggs and potatoes covered with sausage gravy. So good! Orgastic!

And filling! Fat may taste good, but it sits in the tummy all day.

I took another walk. I needed it.

Last night I skipped dinner. I knew I could handle no more food.

Instead I stopped at the Chart Room. Chatted with friends. Talked with Mark the bartender. Mark has started friday night parties. First, it was a pajama party. Last week a half shirt party. Last night a movie star party.

Although the party was 2 hours off, Mark was already partially dressed. He had a red/purple false punk hair wig on top of his head. He was to be some female movie star. Forgive me Mark, I forget who.

While enjoying my drinks, I noticed the antlers were missing. The ones that Che had hung. I asked Mark what had happened to the antlers. He said Captain Peter had hung his straw hat on the antlers. The antlers fell. Che did not get mad. However he took the antlers home and was putting together some sort of board to atttach the antlers to that would then be screwed into the wall.

I decided to go to the movies. The Tropic was showing Inglorious Bastreds. So I walked over.

A good movie. Strange ending. Worth seeing.

Ran into Don and Stephanie in the lobby before the show. Don thought the movie was a comedy. He was serious. I told him no. Actually supposed to be a bit gruesome. It was.

I was walking Duval on the way back to my car when I ran into Jennie. She was with her boy friend. Jennie plays bocci when I do and works the drug counter at Walgreens where I purchase my prescription meds. I was the recipient of a happy hug and kiss.

Lisa just telephoned. She worked late into the night on her internet department store Via Key West. The weekend will be the same. She is in the home stretch to her opening.

Enjoy your day!

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