I am up early this morning. Still dark outside. Black.

I had a busy morning yesterday.

A visit to the doctor first. Spider bite check up. What a difference a week makes! Last friday I stayed in bed all day with pain. My thigh had balloned up and was flaming red.

Modern science is wonderful, however. The pills worked. The doctor says I must stay on the antibiotics yet for a few more days.

Then to see Lori for a haircut. Always a pleasure! She is lovely and good company! I am pleased to see her business flourishing. She has been open less than a year and is doing well. Lori says hair care is the one of the last things to go in a poor economy.

I bought a bunch of newspapers and lunched at Hogfish. Spent a couple of hours there.

Then home to continue with Lisa’s painting. I screwed up!

You will recall that the birthday painting I had done for her the day before was damp and I could not finish it. I could not figure out why. I was using acrylics and the paint should have dryed immediately.

I figured out why! I have oils and acrylics. I used the oils instead of the acrylics to do Lisa’s painting. It takes a week for an oil painting to dry!

So much for paying attention!

I then took a nap in preparation for bocci later.

I should have stayed up!

Bocci was a disaster! I played terribly! The worst in a long time!

We lost all 3 games.

None of us played that well. But I will take responsibility for my shortcomings last night. I shoot first. My job is to get the ball on the polina. Good luck! I was not even coming close.

Sorry fellas!

I was so despondent that I did not even go over to Don’s Place for a drink afterwards. Home and to bed, instead. I must have continued to be bothered. I slept poorly all night.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Glad to hear the spider bite is better and I hope today is better for you than yesterday. Still waiting for doctors' decision concerning Mom's surgery so my KW dates are up in the air. I miss you all and hope to see you soon!!!!

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