I saw the doctor yesterday. I am going to live. It’s a spider bite. But not the bad brown recluse one. The swelling is down 90 per cent. There is a black area about the size of a half dollar behind the bites. The doctor says it is blood accumulation. I have to see her again thursday.

My doctor still claims there are no brown recluse spiders in the keys. They are not indiginous to the area. Some one wrote a comment yesterday and pointed out that Governor Crist got bit by one at County Mayor De Gennaro’s home last week. The commentator also pointed out that pythons are not indiginous to this area. Yet we all know they have been found in recent years in the upper keys.

So much for indiginous!

After the doctor visit, I went over to Harpoon Harry’s for cuban toast. A first! Glad I did! Great cuban toast!

The medications I am on for the spider bite are heavy. Note the “s” on medications. I am taking 3 pills. They make me drowsy. So I spent most of the afternoon in bed sleeping.

Last night I had dinner with Rob abd Bebee. They invited me to join them at Santiago’s. Another first for me! I had never been to Santiago’s before.

Santiago’s is a tapas restaurant. It is located in Bahama Village. At the far end of the commercial area. You really have to go deep into Bahama Village to find it.

The place was packed. People were standing outside and on the street sipping sangrias waiting for tables. Rob and Beebe had arrrived early and secured a nice outside table.

The food was excellent! We picked on lamb chops, filet, roman meatballs, shrimp, grouper, special breads and onion soup. Oh, so good!

Afterwards we stopped at Don’s place for a drink. Michelle was there. She had a ton of money in front of her. And she was all smiles! She had won the football pool from the day before.

We all chatted for a while and then it was home to bed for me.

Lisa is working industriously on her internet department store Via Key West. It is slated for an opening in 7-10 days. She is continuing with her tweaking on the site. It is amazing how much work is involved in setting up this site and venture. She has over a year invested in it.

The morning is beautiful. The sun has come up since I started writing this morning. Another beautiful Key West day in the making! Sun shining. A few white clouds. The palm tree sparkling. Little breeze.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I feel so honored my comment got mentioned in a post. ^_^

    I am Brian, of the Brian and Ammie that you bump into from time to time and you bought me a drink on my birthday at Brazilia. Ammie is the one who works at the Conch House and makes Banana Bread.

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