The days are shorter here in Key West. The sun rises later and sets earlier.

It is raining now. I can see and taste it through the window. Rain seems to be different over the ocean. Cleaner is the only way I can describe it. Probably because of the vastness of it all. It is not confined by buildings and trees.

The bite swelling is subsiding. Though not completely yet.

I can clearly see 2 bite marks. Looks like teeth marks close together. And a third mark that is different. Probably a lock of some sort.

I did not go to the hoispital yesterday since the purpose was to remove a needle, if one was there. I could not see one.

I am a typical man. Hard headed.

I plan on seeing my doctor this morning. For sure.

The pills I am taking are terrific. I have not slept this well in years. Deep and long.

I was out and about yesterday.

My day started early. Lisa telephoned and said come over for breakfast. A good time was had by all! Nothing prettier than grandchildren running around in their pajamas!

Then to the coffee house on Duval to read the New York Times. A cup of coco mocha and the news. A great combination!

Soon after one p’clock I was at Don’s Place. Pro football time. I sat around outside with Don, David, Keith, Larry, Aaron, Kurt, Rob and Bebee watching the games. Note the plural on games. We had 5 screens in front of us, each next to the other!

After the Philadelphia game, I scooted home to catch the last hour of the Am Ex golf tournament.

Interesting golf. Not necessarily outstanding golf. Mickelson looked great! He came on and won the weekend tournamnet by 3 strokes. Tiger never got it going birdie wise. He came in second, but won the overall yearly point competion. For which Tiger pocketed $10,000,000! What a country America!

It was 6 o’clock. Golf was finished. Time to take my bite pills. I did. And fell to sleep! A deep sleep. For about 2 hours. Lisa woke me with a telephone call to see how I was. It was fortunate she called or I would have slept through the Yankee Jack show at the Pier House at 9.

I love Yankee Jack! Every one loves Yankee Jack! Last night was his night with Larry Smith at the Wine Galley. It was a good night. Yankee was in top form. He sang songs from his new CD. His banter between songs was interesting. Each song has its own story behind it as to why it was written.

Because of the pills, I only had one drink. And did not even finish it.

It has stopped rainig. It was actually pouring. There is no breeze. The sun is shining on the ocean and the sole palm tree I can see from my window.

Breakfast and then off to the doctor’s office.

Talk with you tomorrow.

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  1. KW Lou – It's amazing how many dark and poisoneous creatures wish you harm. The answer my friend is blowin' in the wind…just squash them all!

    Have a KW day!


  2. The Gov. was bit by a Brown Recluse at Mario Di Gennaro's in Key Largo…

    They are here and I guess they did not get the memo about not being indigenous.

    Pythons are not indigenous either…

  3. lou, hoping you are feeling better! we are leaving thursday for a while. hoping to get you that big set of antlers for the chart room. will call bruce clark when we get home and give him your blog address. c u in december, gary and tecia.

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